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We've compiled a list of 15 free and paid alternatives to Obvibase. The primary competitors include Microsoft Office Excel, Google Drive - Sheets. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Obvibase and Airtable, FileMaker Pro Advanced, Zoho Sheet. Also you can look at other similar options here: Office and Productivity Software.

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Airtable is an online database platform that combines spreadsheet functionality with database capabilities. With its help, users can create and manage different types of data such as tasks, customers, inventory and more using a user-friendly web int…

Excel Online, part of Office Online, is the online version of Microsoft Excel.

MDBLite is the fastest way to convert your Microsoft Access™ MDB databases to sqlite.

Simple Spreadsheet
Free Open Source

The Simple Spreadsheet is a bare-bones spreadsheet with minimal features available for free...

Obvibase makes it easy to create and collaboratively edit online databases.

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Obvibase Overview

Obvibase makes it easy to create and collaboratively edit online databases.

There are a few things we miss in spreadsheets when we are working with data that has a structure to it. If, for instance, you want something as simple as a column of checkboxes, the best you can do is have a column in which you type 'Y' or 'N'. Another example is hierarchical relationships - say you create a table of clients, and then for each client you need to record multiple contracts. These are really basic features that a ton of people can make use of, and with Obvibase we have tried to make them available without a burden of added complexity.

Unlike other tools in this space, Obvibase doesn't position itself as an application builder, it is not grounded on relational database - instead it hopes to break down the barriers that keep database a niche product by saying "this is as simple as a spreadsheet, full stop".

- Clean and simple design.

- Checkboxes, multiple choice dropdowns, default values, tables nested in cells, and more.

- Attach files to database records. Choose existing files in Google Drive or Dropbox, or upload files from your computer.

- See changes made by other users in real time.

- Sign in easily with your account on Google or Facebook - you won't disclose your email.

Obvibase Features

tick-square Excel
tick-square Database
tick-square Dropbox integration
tick-square Google Drive integration
tick-square Works Offline
tick-square Real time collaboration

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