Alternatives to OAuth

  • Portier

    Portier (pronounced "Por-tee-ay") is a self-hostable login service that you can use instead of passwords. Portier sits between your website and third-party services like Google Sign-In to provide your users the fastest and easiest login experience, …

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  • itsme

    itsme, my digital ID:which I can now use to log in safely, share ID information and confirm actions with my mobile phone. itsme is an extremely handy and completely safe way to verify your identity digitally. Log in to all your accounts with your un…

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  • Persona

    Persona (formerly BrowserID) allows you to sign in to sites using an email address you choose. So, instead of having to manage multiple usernames and passwords across your favorite sites and devices, you’ll have more time to do the important stuff. …

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  • Twitter connect

    Place a button on your site or application which allows Twitter users to enjoy the benefits of a registered user account in as little as one click. Works on websites, iOS, mobile and desktop applications.

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  • IndieAuth

    IndieAuth is a way to use your own domain name to sign in to websites. It works by linking your website to authentication providers such as Twitter or Google, then entering your domain name in the login form on websites that support IndieAuth.

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  • Facebook Connect

    Facebook Connect is a set of APIs from Facebook that enable Facebook members to log onto third-party websites, applications, mobile devices and gaming systems with their Facebook identity. While logged in, users can connect with friends via these me…

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  • Byepass

    Byepass - the password killer Byepass is an authentication platform designed the eliminate passwords. Byepass authorises users against their email address instead of a password. Byepass is completely backwards compatible and acts like a cross-site s…

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  • Imprivata

    Imprivata (NYSE:IMPR) is a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions for the healthcare industry. Imprivata’s single sign-on, authentication management and secure communications solutions enable fast, secure and more efficie…

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