Alternatives to Numeric Notes

  • Multi Share Calculator

    Multi Share Calculator is a portable tool that allows anything to be shared proportionally!

    Commercial Windows

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  • Calculator plus1

    Features a calculator:Standard arithmetic.The calculation of trigonometric functions in degrees radian.Calculation of the exponential function, the natural logarithm, logarithm.The calculation of power functions (x to the power y, x squared, the squ…

    Free Android Tablet Android

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  • Sicyon calculator

    It is easy-to-use and has everything you need to calculate or investigate a function - chart, roots, min/max, integral, derivative, fit data over, etc. Sicyon calculator combines an intuitive interface and an object oriented approach to provide a fa…

    Free Windows Web-Based

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  • handyCalc

    handyCalc is a powerful calculator with automatic suggestion and solving which makes it easier to learn and use.With almost all the features you can imagine on a calculator, waiting for you to explore. * currency convert, unit convert, graph, solvin…

    Free Android

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  • Calculator Plus

    Calculator Plus is a nice addition to hundreds of Calculator apps but with unique idea and innovative and user friendly designed buttons. A sound and smart person keeps himself up-to-date from every walk of life. When it comes to technology, it alwa…

    Free Android

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  • Mathdroid

    A calculator for Android. Algebraic entry. Full on-screen history (multi-line display). Use your phone's keyboard or on-screen buttons. Usual functions: trig, log, etc. Parentheses. Copy to clipboard.

    Open Source Free Android

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  • Omni Calculator

    Omni Calculator is a startup aiming in solving all (hence "omni" in the name) small math problems you have in your everyday life. All of their calculators offer unparalleled ease of use and functionality. They work in real time and can solve for any…

    Free iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • CCCalc

    CCCalc is a calculator with tape, you can correct any printed character with, and the tape recalculates everything itself. Unlimited precision, visible and even editable memory, drag-n-drop and clipboard support and many other features make CCCalc v…

    Free Windows

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  • TTCalc

    TTCalc is an open source bignum mathematical calculator. It features arithmetical functions, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, inverse hyperbolic functions, logical operators, logarithms, functions for c…

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • Ruvenss Calculator

    Calculator with log and printing capabilities.

    Free Chrome OS Linux Mac Windows

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  • Online Terminal Calculator

    Most of the calculators available online/computers are trying to reproduce the physical calculator or you have to use spreadsheet for faster calculation. this is an attempt to create a productivity based online calculator using terminal, it will sav…

    Free Web-Based

  • errProof

    errProof offers a collection of web-based unique tools for any user

    Free Web-Based

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  • Console Calculator

    Console Calculator is a powerful calculator with a simple console interface. This calculator supports many built-in mathematical functions, remembers recent entries, supports creation of user defined variables and custom functions. This calculator h…

    Commercial Mac Windows

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  • ECW Expression Calculator

    ECW Expression Calculator is an advanced expression calculator with the following features: * display result as decimal/hex/bin/oct/exponential* standard and on-the-fly calculation modes* over 60 built-in functions: general, trigonometric, hyperboli…

    Free Windows

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  • ESBCalc

    ESBCalc is a Freeware Scientific Calculator for Windows with Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions (Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic - including Base 10, Base 2 & Natural - plus more), Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List and …

    Freemium Windows

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  • Scalar Scientific Calculator, Charts & Scripts

    AN EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE TOOL THAT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Scalar is much more than a calculator. Scalar is a powerful math engine and math scripting language, that combines the simplicity of standard tools with the flexibility of scripting. Thanks to Scalar,…

    Freemium Android

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  • Moffsoft FreeCalc

    Moffsoft FreeCalc is the ideal replacement for your standard Windows calculator - with adjustable size, visible memory value and digit groupings, this free calculator software is a simple and intuitive tool. If you look for more functionality in you…

    Freemium Windows

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  • eCalc Scientific Calculator

    An easy to use scientific calculator with many advanced features to help you solve algebra, trigonometry, and engineering math problems. The calculator comes with six attractive color schemes and a side bar that slides open for additional functional…

    Commercial Mac Windows

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  • Calculate

    A math expression calculator with persistent memory for variables and functions. Any JavaScript expression can be evaluated. - Click the C button to clear the output window.- Click the M button to view the list of all constants, variables, and funct…

    Free Mac

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  • Calc98

    Calc98 is a small but very powerful scientific calculator, with lots of features: Version 5.3 (totally free) # RPN# Base-n, hex, octal and binary modes# Scientific/Engineering Functions# Matrix/Array Functions# Complex Numbers# Statistical Functions…

    Free Windows Mobile Windows

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