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We've compiled a list of 46 free and paid alternatives to MoneyAlarm. The primary competitors include Free Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock (by Robbie Hanson). In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between MoneyAlarm and Kana Reminder, Gnome Clocks, Talalarmo. Also you can look at other similar options here: Office and Productivity Software.

Free Alarm Clock, free version of Hot Alarm Clock, is a portable and full-featured and...

Kana Reminder is a program which can be used to set a reminder to be triggered at a specified time.

Clock combines all of the functionality that you need into one simple, beautiful package.

Wake up to Awaken playing your favorite music.

Cut your time is a freeware cross platform application for Windows and Linux that allows you to...

MoneyAlarm comes with the motivation to get up from the bed and start the day productively.

MoneyAlarm Platforms

tick-square iPad
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MoneyAlarm Video and Screenshots

MoneyAlarm Overview


How it works:

1. You set an alarm and put a deposit.
2. If you wake up on time, you get your money back. Money will be added to your balance so that you can use it again in future.
3. If you're lazy and don't wake up, Your money will be charged.

How to confirm that you’re awake:

Within 2 minutes after alarm rings, If MoneyAlarm is not open, a silent notification will appear asking for confirmation. When you open MoneyAlarm The alarm will be shown in red and there will be a button to confirm that you are awake.


- Alarm get locked once it rings so you must wake up and confirm after 2 minutes to save your money. Otherwise the money will be gone.
- Add money to the app using In-App purchases.
- Set deposit - Amount to pay if you don't wake up.
- No snoozing. MoneyAlarm’s purpose is to help you overcome laziness and wake up to the alarm, not to practise procrastination.

Make Sure:

- Notifications are enabled for MoneyAlarm.
- Your device is not muted.

Few Tips:
- Set a motivational label for the alarm.
- Give your self enough sleep so you won’t feel tired to wake up to the alarm.
- MoneyAlarm rings for 30 seconds.
- If you want multiple alarms but don’t want to risk too much deposit, Set additional alarms using iOS Clock app (Make sure they trigger before MoneyAlarm).
- You can set zero deposit alarms too if you want, but it will ruin the purpose of MoneyAlarm.

MoneyAlarm Features

tick-square Alarm

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