Alternatives to Memrey

  • Type Here

    A persistent textarea that will hold on to your shit


    Type Here icon
  • Infolio

    Infolio is a Digital Workplace for Team Collaboration that allows you to easily create visual workspaces, add all kinds of content (documents, tasks, notes, web links, data), organize it the way you like, share it and collaborate with your team memb…

    Freemium iPad iPhone Web-Based

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  • GoodTask

    GoodTask 3 is a Powerful Task/Project Manager based on iOS Reminders & Calendars. You can use it as simple checklist to focus or as complex project management tool to get big things done. GoodTask 3 provides various viewpoints to the things that…

    Freemium Apple Watch iPad iPhone

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  • Hiro

    Hiro let's you organize things with simple text snippets. It even works for the most chaotic people. • Keep tabs with friends. Money owed, things recommended, all in one place. This information is normally spread across dozens of emails or chats. Wi…

    Free Personal Chrome Web-Based

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  • Escriba

    A hassle-free and drop-dead pretty text editor for the web. Your document is saved to your browser's local storage and you can even save it to your Dropbox.

    Free Web-Based

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  • Vimwiki

    Vimwiki is a personal wiki for Vim -- a number of linked text files that have their own syntax highlighting. With Vimwiki you can: * organize notes and ideas * manage todo-lists * write documentation * maintain a diary * export everything to HTML Vi…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows Android

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  • FSNotes

    macOS app features:- keyboard centric- global shortcuts (clipboard save / search)- markdown and RTF markup (files stored on disk as plain/text and rich text)- markdown preview mode- elastic two pane view (vertical and horizontal layout)- blazing fas…

    Open Source Free Mac

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  • Nextcloud Notes

    The Notes app is a distraction free notes taking app. It supports formatting using Markdown syntax. Notes are saved as files in your Nextcloud, so you can view and edit them with every Nextcloud client. Furthermore, a separate RESTful API allows for…

    Open Source Free Android

    Nextcloud Notes icon
  • Simple Notes

    A simple textfield for adding quick notes. Need to take a quick note of something to buy, an address, or a startup idea? Then this is the app you've been looking for! No complicated setup steps needed, just type in what you came for. Comes with auto…

    Open Source Free Android Tablet Android

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  • ownNote - Notes for ownCloud

    ownNote for Android is a full Evernote/OneNote style WYSIWYG notes editor that integrates with the ownNote Web Application installed as part of the enterprise cloud solution, ownCloud. ownNote contains the following features: - AD FREE- Import from …

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Web-Based Android

    ownNote - Notes for ownCloud icon
  • todoZero

    todoZero combines your notes and to-dos in one place. Capture and organize your notes from anywhere. todoZero lets you take notes with a minimalist, flexible editor.* Embedded To-Dos into your Notes* Easily add images* Use Markdown shortcuts for qui…

    Free iPhone Web-Based

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  • Quicknotes

    Quicknotes are used to create and manage in a easy and simple fashion your notes. It's not overhelming as the major note apps today. Simple notes, with simple formatting. But they have one nice feature for the only important thing in notes - keeping…

    Free Web-Based

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  • Gubb

    Gubb is a free web-based application with an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create, manage and share an unlimited number of lists, as well as retrieve whole lists by text message & email. There's also a mobile-friendly site at http://…

    Free Web-Based

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  • Notably

    Notably is a free markdown notes editor that allows you to very easily create and publish beautiful content.

    Free Web-Based

  • Nimbus Clipper

    Web Clipper that works! The easiest way to clip text, pics, links, email and pdf from internet pages and save them.Save and share any things you find on the Web: text, images, links, articles, pdf and upload them all to Nimbus account. Nimbus Clippe…

    Freemium Opera Firefox Android Tablet Chrome Android

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  • Noted

    Noted is an audio recording and note-taking app for lectures, meetings, interviews, conferences and more, making it easy to record every moment with confidence. With a rich text editor for formatting and 3D Touch for instant audio preview, it is the…

    Freemium Apple Watch iPad iPhone

    Noted icon
  • sChecklist

    Like most of my apps, I wrote this because I couldn’t find a simple checklist app that suited my needs. What I’m talking about is off-the-cuff, ad hoc types of lists. The ones that, in the course of your (work) day, you find yourself wanting a quick…

    Free Windows

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  • Ideaflip

    Ideaflip is an ingenious tool for evolving ideas together in an organic, kinetic way.

    Commercial iPad Web-Based

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  • oneheap

    Manage notes, ideas, tasks, dates and projects - everything you want to keep in mind. oneheap is your personal everywhere notebook.

    Freemium Android Tablet Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • Webjets

    Visual information management for creatives - Organize knowledge intuitively using cards and boards Webjets allows you managing any kind of information with ease. Place cards freely, or group them at the speed of thought. Any content collected from …

    Free Web-Based

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