Alternatives to JPPF


    BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a software platform for volunteer computing and desktop grid and volunteer computing. The everyday person can use the idle time of their computer to cure diseases, study global warming, d…

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  • Apache Mesos

    Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that simplifies the complexity of running applications on a shared pool of servers.

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  • GridRepublic

    GridRepublic is a customized version of the BOINC software designed to simplify installation and participation by the average computer user. The GridRepublic software upon installation attaches to the GridRepublic account manager to join and manage …

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  • Charity Engine

    Charity Engine takes enormous, expensive computing jobs and chops them into 1000s of small pieces, each simple enough for a home PC to work on as a background task. Once each PC has finished its part of the puzzle, it sends back the correct answer a…

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  • Folding@home

    WHY WE NEED YOUFolding@home is a project focused on disease research. The problems we’re solving require so many computer calcul­ations – and we need your help to find the cures! HELP US FIGHT Alzheimer’sThe Folding@home software allows you to share…

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  • PiCloud

    PiCloud gives every scientist, developer, and engineer a supercomputer at their fingertips. We make it easy to leverage thousands of cores of computational power for high performance computing, batch processing, and scientific computing applications…

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  • Progress Thru Processors

    Progress Thru Processors is a customized version of the BOINC software designed to simplify installation and participation by the average computer user which is designed to integrate with Facebook to allow joining through Facebook. The Progress Thru…

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    Folding@Home Client Monitoring Application.

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  • DIET

    Among the existing approaches for grid middleware, a simple, powerful and flexible one consists in using the servers available in different administrative domains through the traditional client-server or Remote Procedure Call (RPC) paradigms. Networ…

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  • PelicanHPC

    PelicanHPC is a Debian-based live CD image with a goal to make it simple to set up a high performance computing cluster. The front-end node (either a real computer or a virtual machine) boots from the CD image. The compute nodes boot by Pre-Executio…

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  • Distri.js

    Distributed computing for the web!

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  • ClusterKnoppix

    ClusterKnoppix is a modified Knoppix distro using the OpenMosix kernel. Features: OpenMosix terminal server - uses PXE, DHCP and tftp to boot linux clients via the network. No cdrom drive/harddisk/floppy needed for the clients openMosix autodiscover…

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