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We've compiled a list of 8 free and paid alternatives to Invisible, Inc.. The primary competitors include X-COM, Final Fantasy Tactics. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Invisible, Inc. and Xenonauts, Fallout Tactics, Shadowrun Returns. Also you can look at other similar options here: Games.

Turn based combat with aliens.

1 October, 1979: Unidentified forces presumed of extraterrestrial origin arrive in Earth orbit.

Shadowrun is an isometric RPG with tactical elements set in an alternative world of magic and...

Silent Storm from leading Russian developer Nival is a true 3D tactical turn-based...

Invisible, Inc. is a turn-based tactics stealth video game incorporating elements of roguelike...

Invisible, Inc. Platforms

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Invisible, Inc. Overview

The game is a turn-based tactics based-game inspired by Small X-COM iconX-COM, with emphasis on stealth and espionage. In each playthrough, the player takes on the role of an agent handler for covert operations and has three days to prepare for their final mission. This is done by performing various missions across the globe to retrieve information, valuables, equipment and personnel, keeping cognizant of the amount of time taken for travel and missions within that three day period. The player selects two agents to perform these missions to start, and may be able to free other agents during missions; should one agent die during a mission, they remain dead for the remainder of the runthrough unless dragged to the exit by another agent, while if all agents die, the game is over. The mission details and location layouts are procedurally generated for each run through, featuring a variety of objectives, obstacles, and difficulty.

Once the player has completed their turn, any enemy forces move, and in most locations an alarm level is raised; with higher alarm levels, new security forces and threats will arrive, making the mission more difficult. Certain stations can let the player purchase upgrades or equipment for the agents to help in the mission, using collected in-game money. The objective of the mission depends on the facility type being infiltrated, usually requiring the player to retrieve a specific item from a secure location and escape, stealing as much money and equipment as possible along the way.

The game has a larger meta-game aspect, in that as they play and complete certain goals, they can unlock different agents with different skill sets or new default equipment to begin missions with in future playthroughs.

Invisible, Inc. Features

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