Alternatives to Hungry Cat Picross

  • Picross Luna

    Picross Luna takes the puzzling brilliance of Picross and Nonogram to a new world of artistry that's beautifully calming. FEATURES - puzzle save- Use the touch pad at the same time- Small map Large map available (both free)- Hinting offer- Incorrect…

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  • Nonograms Katana

    Nonograms Katana is a Picross/Nonogram puzzle game packed with Japanese style of full of awesome features. FEATURES - 1001 nonograms- All puzzles are free- All puzzles tested by computer program and have unique logical solution- Nonograms sorted by …

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  • Picross puzzle generator

    Play the classic game of Picross and generate your own random puzzle with this web-based Picross puzzle generator implemented via JavaScript. FEATURES Adjustable grid dimensions (the code is generic and supports any dimension, but a 30x30 game can t…

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  • Picross Mon

    Picross Mon is a Picross/Nonogram puzzle adventure crammed with cool style and artistry and a story that unfolds as you play. FEATURES - Hundreds of puzzles available.- Cool design colour dots. ( puzzle logic corrected )- Ability to store your chang…

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  • Tents and Trees Puzzles

    Place a tent next to each tree in this original puzzle game! Numbers around the grid tell you how many tents must be placed on each row and column. Be careful, tents can't touch each other.Solve all levels with logic only: no random moves! FEATURES:…

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  • Pixel Puzzle Collection

    No in-game purchases or upgrades--this game is entirely free from beginning to end! Solve picture puzzles as if you were filling out a coloring book!Complete puzzles to uncover full-color characters from iconic nostalgia games!Loads of puzzles to pl…

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  • CrossMe Nonograms

    Fill the cells according to numbers at the side of the grid to discover a hidden picture. CrossMe Nonograms provides a classic Picross/Nonogram experience with an elegant interface.

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  • Falcross

    Falcross is a lively Nonogram/Picross puzzle game where you use logic to uncover hidden pictures. Discover monsters, landscapes, patterns and more as you decode the numbers! FEATURES - Over 750 full-color premium Picross puzzles by awesome artists- …

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  • No2g: Nonogram Griddlers

    No2g: Nonogram Griddlers is a Picross/Nonogram style puzzle game with cool, retro style visuals. FEATURES - About 1000 puzzles of 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30 pics.- Touch and virtual Joypad support.- Game Center achievements.- Sync with iCloud.

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  • Griddlers Plus

    Griddler Plus is a popular logic puzzler in the vein of Picross, Griddlers and Nonogram. With a massive array of included puzzles and a creation mode to let you make and share your own, it provides a virtually endless supply of great puzzles. FEATUR…

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  • NemoNemo Picross

    'NemoNemo Picross' is the famous logic puzzler also known as Hanjie, Paint by Numbers, Picross and Nomogram. FEATURES 5 x 5 : 20 levels10 x 10 : 20 levelsOver 15 x 15 : 48 levels

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  • Nonomatic

    Nonomatic is a picross (or nonogram) puzzle game where you use logic to fill in squares and draw a picture! Suitable for players of all ages. FEATURES • Complete, interactive tutorial to show you how to play Nonomatic!• Autofocus puzzle engine lets …

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  • Logic Square

    Logic Square is a great looking implementation of Picross/Nonogram for mobile. FEATURES - Easy and Fun- Thousands of puzzles with more constantly added- Leaderboard System- Online Save

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