Alternatives to HTTPS Everywhere

  • KB SSL Enforcer

    This extension enforces encryption for websites that support it as much as currently possible in Chrome. This gives you added security and privacy for your browsing automatically and transparently. This is particularly important on insecure networks…

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  • Smart HTTPS

    Smart HTTPS automatically changes HTTP protocols to the secure HTTPS, and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP. Browsing on the internet has never been easier and smarter with Smart HTTPs Addon. It changes your HTTP addresses to the …

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  • ForceHTTPS

    As wireless networks proliferate, web browsers operate in an increasingly hostile network environment. The HTTPS protocol has the potential to protect web users from network attackers, but real-world deployments must cope with misconfigured servers,…

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  • ForceTLS

    ForceTLS allows web sites to tell Firefox that they should be served via HTTPS in the future; this helps secure you from accidentally negotiating an insecure session with certain sites. Force-TLS is also compatible with Strict Transport Security. Fo…

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  • SSL Enforcer

    SSL Enforcer - Force SSL/TLS encryption for any browser or app. Block all unsecure connections. Today any network activity involves a number of requests to the web. It is hard to make sure that all connections go through secure channels (SSL/TLS). T…

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