Alternatives to Global Supremacy

  • Badge(r)s!

    This is not PokemonGo, not Geocaching, not Ingress, not Munzee, nor anything else, this is Badgers.This is not about moving from game to game. Moving is the game.This is not fighting, this is collecting Badges: The nice, the rare, the beautiful and …

    Free Web-Based Android

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  • Hadur

    HADUR is a free mobile location based multiplayer game for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phones. It uses your GPS location to place you in the real world and let you conquer it. Let's go for glory!

    Free Windows Phone iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Strut App

    Imagine the entire world is covered in billions of tiles. How many can you open up? Strut is a game of exploration where you compete with other players around the world to uncover the map of the earth. TRACK YOUR TRAVELSWhether you walk, run, bike, …

    Free iPhone

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  • Parallel Kingdom

    Parallel Kingdom is a mobile role playing and strategy game that places the virtual world on top of the real world using the GPS inside your phone. Attack, chat and interact with your friends and anyone else around you.

    Free with limited functionality iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Own This World

    Own This World is a massively multiplayer location dependent game for the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 where the real world map has been split into millions of territories that you compete for with players that are also physically in the same area.

    Commercial Windows Phone iPhone Android

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  • CYA Claim Your Area

    Claim Your Area is a active strategy game played on your Android® platform or combined on both Facebook® (Game panel) and your Android® platform (Shuttle).

    Free Facebook Android

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  • City Domination

    FREE location-based strategy game that you play where you live. Manage your mafia, form your gang and confront MILLIONS of players!

    Free Android Tablet iPad iPhone Android

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  • Zombie Zone - World Domination

    ---FEATURES--- GEOLOCATIONPlay within your own city! ZOMBIE ZONE is a geolocalized action strategy MMO game, a Risk-like experience. The action takes place on a gigantic urban battlefield. DESTROY ZOMBIESExplore every zone in your area to find and d…

    Freemium iPhone Android

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  • Great Land Grab

    TGLG is like a giant board game... where the board is the real world, and you and your iPhone are a game piece! See the GPS map as you've never seen it before - every spot on the map has been parceled out and is up for grabs.

    Free iPhone Android

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