Alternatives to GENDERWRECKED

  • Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim

    Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim focuses on a newly-formed family of gay orcs who are travelling from the annual orcish assembly to the Highlands of a semi-mythical Scotland! Along the way, the player can begin friendships and relationships with the variou…

    Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • Benthic Love

    The original, critically acclaimed Anglerfish Dating Simulator! Explore the bottom of the sea in search of a mate. But be careful, because male anglerfish need to find a mate in order to live, but by doing so they also cease to exist as anything oth…

    Free Linux Mac Windows

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    A serial visual novel/mech brawler about four gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat. Get ready for the worst road trip of all time. EPISODES 1+2- PILOTS, PT. 1 + PT. 2 Cass makes a choice. Lianna goes to work. Brad dabs. Sam…

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