Alternatives to Fallen London

  • FOD - Text adventure (CYOA)

    FOD -Text Adventure (CYOA) FOD is a crazy interactive gamebook for android devices in wich you have to choose your own destiny, translated to english and spanish.As in all interactive novels, your choices will affect the story, and making wrong choi…

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  • Magium

    Magium is a text adventure game similar to old Choose your own adventure books (CYOA), in which you play as an ordinary guy named Barry, who joins a deadly mage tournament against the most powerful mages in the world in the hopes of using the prize …

    Free Android Tablet Web-Based Android

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  • The Forest of Doom

    YOU are the hero in Forest of Doom! Explore the sinister Darkwood Forest in Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy classic RPG gamebook!

    Commercial Steam Android Tablet iPad iPhone Android

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  • Sorcery!

    Sorcery! is an epic four-part adventure through a land of monsters, traps, and magic an interactive story with the appeal of a classic, tabletop gamebook. With tens of thousands of choices, the story rewrites itself around your actions. Battle weird…

    Commercial Steam Android Tablet Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

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  • This Book Is A Dungeon

    Auto-cannibalism. Demonic Seduction. Occult Rituals. Bloodfeasting Worms. This Book Is A Dungeon has it all and more. This dark, horrific Twine-based dungeon crawler pairs edgy interactive fiction with grisly pixel art and light RPG elements. Prepar…

    Commercial Steam Windows

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  • Wizards Choice

    Wizard's Choice is a series of RPG text-based adventures that will engross you in a storyline while allowing you to make the decisions that will determine your fate.

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  • Buried - Interactive Story

    Buried is a playable, interactive story told through stunning photos, a haunting soundscape, and gripping text. You play the role of Roger Hastings, a logger working the forests with his crew. When he awakens to find his friends missing and no memor…

    Commercial Amazon Appstore Steam Android Tablet Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

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  • Choice of the Dragon

    Play as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun. Choice of the Dragon is a free text-based game of multiple choice. Dominate the local kingdom, loot and pillage, and inspire terror in the hearts of your enemies.

    Freemium iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • A Study in Steampunk

    Steam-powered mechs meet forbidden sorcery in this interactive steampunk novel, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde, and Jack the Ripper!

    Commercial Steam Android Tablet Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

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  • The Frankenstein Wars

    The Frankenstein Wars is a storybook adventure based on the classic tale of Frankenstein and set during the Napoleonic era in revolutionary France. It features a branching, non-linear storyline, weather effects and strategic battles. FEATURES: * Exp…

    Commercial Android Tablet Android

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  • Caverns of the Snow Witch

    Originally written by Ian Livingstone in 1984, Caverns of the Snow Witch celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014. The ninth book in the Fighting Fantasy series, it expands upon the original version published in WARLOCK magazine, taking you beyond th…

    Commercial Steam Android Tablet Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

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  • Heavy Metal Thunder

    Take to the stars to defend humanity against invading aliens in this interactive storybook epic from acclaimed sci-fi writer Kyle B. Stiff.

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  • Choice of Robots

    Your robots will change the world! Will you show them the true meaning of love, or conquer Alaska with your robot army? An epic interactive sci-fi novel. Choice of Robots is an epic 300,000-word interactive sci-fi novel by Kevin Gold, where your cho…

    Commercial Steam Android Tablet Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

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