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We've compiled a list of 10 free and paid alternatives to EasyMercurial. The primary competitors include SmartGit, GitKraken. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between EasyMercurial and Bitbucket (TortoiseHg), tig, OctoDroid. Also you can look at other similar options here: DevOps Software, Version Control Software.

SmartGit is a front-end for the distributed version control system Git and runs on Windows, Mac OS...

The intuitive, fast, and beautiful cross-platform Git client.

Free Open Source

Tig: text-mode interface for Git

Free Open Source

Web-based and intuitive UI for git.

SubGit is a tool for a smooth, stress-free SVN to Git migration.

Free Open Source

GitHub client for Android based on the abandoned official app

MacHg is a free open source OSX GUI for the revision control system Mercurial.

Murky is a GUI client app for the Mercurial distributed version-control system.

EasyMercurial is a simple user interface for the Mercurial distributed version control system.

EasyMercurial Video and Screenshots

EasyMercurial Overview

EasyMercurial is a simple user interface for the Mercurial distributed version control system. It's free, open source, and cross-platform.

We have set out to make EasyMercurial straightforward to teach and learn.
It makes common working patterns easy to follow, particularly when using a shared remote repository: it uses a friendly graph representation for the change history, to make branching and merging easier to understand: and it looks and behaves consistently across platforms.

EasyMercurial is not designed for large projects or for very experienced users, and there are other Mercurial interfaces that integrate more closely with particular operating system platforms (see a list here). But if you are new to Mercurial or to version control systems in general — or if you are trying to introduce it to other users — consider using EasyMercurial.

EasyMercurial Features

tick-square Version and Source control

EasyMercurial Platforms

Windows Linux Mac

Top EasyMercurial Alternatives

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