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  • sftdyn

    sftdyn - python dyndns/dynamic DNS server and updater for bind Create your own dynamic dns server! IP updates are possible via https.

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    IP-rekt is a free DDNS service that uses your browser to synchronize your dynamic IP with an address you can share. It was designed to be a quick and easy alternative to no-ip's basic DDNS service.

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  • is a hosted, cloud-based highly reliable DNS and Global Server Load Balancing solution that provides full authoritative DNS services and DNS-based geographical traffic balancing, failover, high availability, geographical routing, dynamic DNS…

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  • is an ideal service for video surveillance, IP cameras and remote control, excellent for ftp, ssh and vpn services, Remote Desktop and website redirect.

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  • Easy DNS

    Fully Managed DNS Hosting, Domain Tools & Registrations. Stay online. All the time.

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  • Anycast

    Anycast for AWS will leverage multiple AWS regions and transit provider connections to globally load balance internet traffic, maximize availability and create fast failover, while maintaining IP addresses and keeping sessions alive. It operates at …

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  • No-IP

    No-IP allows you to create up to 3 free Dynamics DNS hosts for private use. You will need to register for a free account, and either update your IP address via their web interface or download their Windows client. Free DNS allows you to create up to…

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  • Dyn

    Using Dyn’s dynamic DNS eliminates the headache and human error associated with tracking ever-changing IP addresses and allows you to avoid the alternative of purchasing pricey static IPs. Dynamic DNS Pro costs 55 USD annually for 30 dynamic hosts

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  • Dynu Dynamic DNS

    Dynu offers free dynamic DNS service for and It has a simple API(update URL) and offers free update client software.Other features include+ IPV6 support+ web redirect(port 80 redirect, URL forwarding)+ subdomains+ MX …

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  • Google Cloud DNS

    NOTE: Not to be confused with Google Public DNS. Google Cloud DNS is for DNS Zone Hosting. Create DNS records with an easy to use command line interface, or program against a full featured RESTful API to customize the service to your specific needs.…

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  • AWS Route 53

    AWS Route 53 is a reliable and cost-effective Domain Name System (DNS) web service that translates domain names into numeric IP addresses. Route 53 is an “authoritative DNS” system. An authoritative DNS system provides an update mechanism that devel…

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    Free dynamic DNS names for personal use - the perfect DynDNS replacement.

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    Free DNS, Managed DNS and DDoS Protected DNS hosting with included web redirects, mail forwards and Round-Robin load balancing. Instant updates in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

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  • Duiadns

    Duiadns is an enhanced and free dynamic dns provider with an unique feature named ipv6 for lan that allows you to update your LAN devices IPv6 address direclty from the router.

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  • DNSimple

    You're tired of complicated domain management. You're tired of constantly being bombarded with up-selling. You want to register a domain and set it up with as little effort as possible. You want to be able to automate everything, so you can set it a…

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  • Zoneedit

    ZoneEdit has long been a key provider of DNS services online. With over 600,000 zones under management, countless customers have trusted ZoneEdit for over a decade to provide the most stable, powerful DNS management available with a simple user inte…

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  • DNS Made Easy

    DNS Made Easy offers enterprise managed DNS and geographical load balancing services on a global IP Anycast DNS network with a 100% uptime guarantee.

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  • Hosted name

    Hosted Name offers a free high performance DNS service backed by high powered, auto-scaling, geographically diverse cloud based DNS servers.

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  • Neustar UltraDNS DNS Services

    Neustar UltraDNS provides a secure and reliable managed DNS service to help businesses enable and protect their online presence. UltraDNS ensures 100% website availability and optimal performance, with built-in security for superior protection that …

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  • NS1

    NS1’s intelligent DNS & traffic management platform, with its data driven architecture and unique Filter Chain routing engine, is purpose-built for the most demanding, mission-critical applications on the Internet. NS1’s comprehensive platform t…

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