Alternatives to ChatJet

  • Twitter

    Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 280-character messages called "tweets".

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  • Diaspora

    Diaspora is a federated social networking service, designed to be a more privacy-aware alternative to Facebook . Share what you want, with whom you want. Diaspora lets you sort your connections into groups called aspects. Unique to Diaspora, aspects…

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  • Facebook

    Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about …

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  • Steemit

    Steemit gives users monetary rewards for any meaningful contribution to the platform. Of these contributions the most important are:- Creating or posting content which the other users consider valuable (like)- Finding valuable content and upvoting i…

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  • Woddal

    Woddal is social network that allows people with similar interests to come together and share information, photos and videos.

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  • Mumblit

    Mumblit is the best FREE speech social media network, which promotes the constitution and Bill of Rights! Join FREE today, and remain free! This open forum is not affiliated with the Trump Presidency, family or any Trump businesses. It's a pro-Trump…

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  • Micrro

    Micrro is a social network that doesn't use the data collected from its users for malicious intent, they will only forward it over to the authorities if they need to check it.

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  • Intact - Earth's Network

    Intact is a social networking ecosystem. It is a revolutionary, trust-oriented platform that is built upon the foundation of transparency. Its a privacy-focused platform enables its community of users to build up meaningful connections across the wo…

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  • Addamate

    Addamate provide you. Personalized Platform. Personalized content for you according to you. Personalized interaction with your mate. Platform where you can enjoy yourself. Instant Viral Let your content spread without any connection and restriction.…

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  • HyperSpace

    HyperSpace offers community-owned spaces where members are rewarded and recognized for creating and sharing the content most appreciated by their peers. Powered by Universal Basic Income (UBI), every registered and verified user who actively partici…

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