Alternatives to Caramba Switcher

  • Mahou

    Mahou- The magic Layout Switcher How it works Mahou works completely different from other Layout Swtichers, it switches not by next layout, but by specified in settings layouts.Even selected text switches just between selected layouts, though if you…

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • Punto Switcher

    Punto Switcher allows easy change keyboard layout for text that was just input automatically or by pressing a hotkey.By default, program works only with Russian and English languages, but you can select any other language in settings.

    Free Mac Windows

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  • XNeur

    A program for change keyboard layout for selected text or just in time when typing (automatically or by hotkey). English, German, Armenian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Czech, Georgian, Greek, Estonian, French, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Moldova…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

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  • LangOver

    Have you ever tried to type in one language but the result was in another? Annoying, eh?! Thats because the keyboard layout was in a wrong language,and you forgot to use "ALT+SHIFT"... NO MORE! With LangOver 5.0 youll be able to convert your text qu…

    Free Adobe Flash Player Windows

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  • EveryLang

    TranslatorTranslation into more than 30 languages using Google, Microsoft and Yandex services. SpellcheckIt works similarly to the translator, select the text, press the hot keys and you have a report on the errors that are immediately corrected and…

    Freemium Windows

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  • dotSwitcher

    dotSwitcher - Simple keyboard layout switcher

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • Key Switcher

    Key Switcher is monitoring the keystrokes and detects the language of each word that you type. If the keyboard is set to a different language, it automatically switches it to the correct language and fixes the typed word.

    Free Personal Windows

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  • MLSwitcher

    MLSwitcher makes life easier for those of us who have to deal with multiple input languages or share their time between OS X and Windows by providing two features: - Assign individual key combination for each input language- Enable windows-style inp…

    Free Mac

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  • Normal Keyboard Switcher

    This simple program is a replacement for standard Windows keyboard switcher, and suitable for switching more than two input languages. Standard switcher makes this hard, because it does full circle of languages, until returns to initial one. If Wind…

    Open Source Free Windows

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