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We've compiled a list of 105 free and paid alternatives to Buttoncommander. The primary competitors include AutoHotkey, AutoIt. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Buttoncommander and FastKeys, BetterTouchTool, Sikuli. Also you can look at other similar options here: Development Tools.

Free Open Source

AutoHotkey is a free, open-source scripting language for Windows that allows users to easily create...

AutoIt is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and...

Text expander, start menu, shortcuts, auto complete, mouse gestures, macro recorder, clipboard...

BetterTouchTool is a great, feature packed app that allows you to customize various input devices...

Free Open Source

Sikuli is a visual technology to search and automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images...

Free Free Trial Subscription

UiPath is a business process automation solution that uses AI to optimize workflows. The platform provides tools to create, manage, and scale automated processes across industries.

Free Open Source

AutoKey is a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11.

UI.Vision Kantu
Free Open Source

Modern open-source task and test automation tool and Selenium IDE.

TextExpander is the communication tool to boost team productivity by cutting the repetitive typing...

Automate tasks across all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Windows Toolbar Creator and Launcher Software, With Buttoncommander you can Automate True Toolbars...

Buttoncommander Video and Screenshots

Buttoncommander Overview

Windows Toolbar Creator and Launcher Software, With Buttoncommander you can Automate True Toolbars any sort of Computer Movements. This Automation Software can Make Toolbars, Sitebars, Taskbars, virtual keycaps, Hotkeyboards, Multi Clipboards, Virtual Keyboard, LaunchPads, Enterpads, Google Search Launchers with Query Parameters.

If you want to Speedup your work on Computers and Windows Tablets then you like to use Buttoncommander Software. With this you can Save many Time to Reduce or eliminate all your Rippetitive PC Movements. You can Easy Push the Tool Buttons on the Toolbar with your Stylus Pen, Mouse Device or Touch Device. The Autohotkey Commands Will automatic be Executed (this is the Main Languages from Buttoncommander)

The strategies behind this Power Tool is to Take Macro's, The Hotkeys, and Keyboard Shortcuts Combinations to the Future Stage.

Buttoncommander Requirements : Autohotkey
32/64 bit [windows 7 - windows 8 - windows 8.1 - windows 10]


- Can Handle/Execute any Sort of Autohotkey Scriptings (native) Other Languages is also possible. (.bat or .???)
- Simultane Sounds.
- will come with rewarding examples for all users. examples/clipboards/createmynew/games/keyboards/enterpads/launchpads/toolbars
- You do Have a 30 days Trial to test it out. (no need to signup or to make a Account) Download and install it and you are ready to Go. (For Beginners you only need to run the Examples and then you can see what it can do)
- Minimum of CPU Load and Ram Memory Loads.
- Can Automate Anything. (In Any Windows Applications - Gimp,Photoshop,Inkscape,Zbrush,Blender,Autocad,Microsoft Office,Spread Sheats,Games,Browsers,and many more ?)
- In any Windows Applications you do have Static Toolbars and Static Menubars, these Bars can not Follow your Mouse Pointer or Stylus Pen With Buttoncommander you can do that, so that you have All your Toolbars Direct Near to your Working Area's

- You Need to Study something About Autohotkey Languages.

Buttoncommander Features

tick-square Text expansion
tick-square On-screen Keyboard
tick-square Autohotkey
tick-square Run Windows software
tick-square Scripting language
tick-square Hotkeys
tick-square Macros
tick-square Create Macro
tick-square Scripting
tick-square Portable

Buttoncommander Platforms


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