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We've compiled a list of 13 free and paid alternatives to Bemuse: Beat, Music, Sequence. The primary competitors include StepMania, FoFiX. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Bemuse: Beat, Music, Sequence and Frets on Fire, Rocksmith, Play drums online. Also you can look at other similar options here: Games.

Free Open Source

Rhythm game for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Free Open Source

A free Guitar Hero/RockBand-like game MOD, forked from ...

Frets on Fire
Free Open Source

Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers.

Rocksmith is a music video game produced by Ubisoft

Playdrumsonline is an online rhythm game where you can play the drums along with youtube videos.

Clone Hero is a free rhythm game, which can be played with any 5 or 6 button guitar controller...

Guitar Hero is a series of music rhythm games in which players use a guitar-shaped game controller...

Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm game that you can play with your own...

Bemuse is a Japanese guitar hero/DJ hero like game.

Bemuse: Beat, Music, Sequence Platforms

tick-square iPad
tick-square Linux
tick-square Mac
tick-square Web-Based
tick-square Windows

Bemuse: Beat, Music, Sequence Video and Screenshots

Bemuse: Beat, Music, Sequence Overview

(Online rhythm game. Play in your browser — no installation required.)

You can play using an IIDX controller or MIDI controller. HD video support. Some songs will have a background animation in high-definition (720p). Adjustable play area size. If the gameplay area is too long, you can adjust the cover it to make the play area more easy-to-sightread.You can also play with an Xbox controller but its kinda tricky
(IIDX Controller)

Bemuse: Beat, Music, Sequence Features

tick-square Scoreboard
tick-square Full controller support

Top Bemuse: Beat, Music, Sequence Alternatives

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