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We've compiled a list of 19 free and paid alternatives to Back to Bed. The primary competitors include Mekorama, Ghosts of Memories. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Back to Bed and After the End: Forsaken Destiny, Monument Valley, Dream Machine-The Game. Also you can look at other similar options here: Games.

Beautiful isometric puzzle game where you help a tiny robot stumble home.

Ghosts of Memories is an adventure puzzle game with 21 unique levels located in 6 stunningly...

In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through...

Manipulate fantastical machinery and solve the many mysterious optical illusions that lie in wait.

Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world.

Turn-based puzzle game of stealth and infiltration set in the Deus Ex universe.

Guide the sleepwalker Bob to the safety of his bed by taking control of his subconscious guardian...

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Back to Bed Overview

Back to Bed is an artistic 3D puzzle game with a surreal twist. It tells the story of Bob, an unlucky narcoleptic who has a tendency of falling asleep in his boring office and then proceeding to sleepwalk into the dangers of the big city. Luckily, Bob has a subconscious guardian named Subob, whom spawns from the mind of Bob and whose job it is to protect the sleepwalker from any danger and guide him back to the safety of his bed.

The ever vigilant Subob must guide the constantly sleepwalking Bob on a journey through a series of surreal painting-like cityscapes where the boundary between Bob's dreams and reality have vanished, as Subob is part of Bob's subconsciousness. The result is an artistic dream world that is recognizable, yet totally different from the real world, where many things are not what they seem and dangers to the sleepwalker lurks deeper in.

Key features

Unique surreal and artistic game universe
A strange but beautiful dream universe that mixes elements from the real world and the world of dreams to create something unique, surreal and sometimes a bit scary.

Isometric puzzle levels
Navigate detailed 3D puzzles that defy the laws of physics, wherein the player must manipulate the strange environment to create a safe path for Bob and avoid the dangers of the puzzle.

Two characters as one
Play as the embodied subconsciousness, in the form of a small guardian creature, trying to save its own sleepwalking body from dangers of the the dream world.

Picturesque visual style
Discover the feeling of playing in a piece of art set in a digital frame. A visual style inspired by hand-painted techniques, surreal art and impossible shapes.

Nightmare mode
Unlock a hard mode of the game, made for those who truly want to test their puzzle solving skills and enjoy thinking many steps ahead, or who are just too stubborn to give up.

Back to Bed Features

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