Alternatives to Aphalina Animator

  • Cacani

    Now, artists will be able to draw and paint their animations in a shorter time with CACANi’s unique auto inbetweening and auto painting workflow. CACANi is designed to handle multi layers, which allows you to switch layers depending on the type of a…

    Commercial Windows

    Cacani icon
  • Ella

    Ella (an acronym for Elegant Light Linux Animator) is a light animation software intended to achieve a aim of the Linux world : a functionnal and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) 2D animation sofware.

    Open Source Free Linux

    Ella icon
  • SWiSH Max

    SWiSH Max is a Flash creation tool that is commonly used to create interactive and cross-platform movies, animations, and presentations. SWiSH Max is generally considered to be a simpler and less costly Flash creation tool in comparison with Adobe F…

    Commercial Windows

    SWiSH Max icon
  • TinyAnim

    The world of banner ad creation has changed a lot. With Flash not being accepted anymore, you need a proper solution for supplying creative digital ads. Animated GIFs don’t quite cut it. And hand coding countless banners can be time consuming, expen…

    Commercial Mac Windows

    TinyAnim icon
  • NanoFL Editor

    Create banners/games and publish its to HTML5. CreateJS for 2D and Blender/ThreeJS for 3D objects. Coding on Haxe is supported.

    Free Personal Windows

    NanoFL Editor icon
  • Articulate Storyline

    Create polished interactive courses with Articulate Storyline, the only e-learning authoring tool that grows with you. It’s simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts.

    Commercial Windows

    Articulate Storyline icon
  • EasyToon

    Easytoon is a program that can create small animated gif friendly, a simple sequence of images giving the illusion of movement. It sounds simple written like that but it is quite complicated to implement, finally brief. Easytoon was created at the b…

    Open Source Free Windows

    EasyToon icon
  • CreaToon

    CreaToon is a free easy to use animation program. It is different from other programs however, because you don't draw the objects in the program, it is a cutout based animation program. What that means is you make the parts in something like Gimp or…

    Free Wine Linux Mac Windows

  • Wonderfl

    wonderfl is a service where you can build Flash(swf) online.

    Free Web-Based

    Wonderfl icon
  • Rubber Hose 2

    Rubber Hose is an After Effects tool for animation rigging. Connect layers from Illustrator and Photoshop into two new stretchy rigs – RubberPin and RubberRig. Style hoses unlike ever before. Major speed updates and key-frame baking let you work fas…

    Commercial Adobe After Effects Mac Windows

    Rubber Hose 2 icon
  • Artist Code

    Artist Code is an intuitive software for creating animation ( Movie, Animated Gif, Images) only by coding, it allows you to add image, text and pixels and place them with simple script offering you a fun and unlimited way to create whatever you want…

    Commercial Windows

    Artist Code icon
  • WebAnimator

    If you're thinking of creating animated web elements by yourself (e.g. slideshows, product presentations, banners, buttons, mini games or graphics to add to headings or menus), then WebAnimator is the animation software that's right for you. You can…

    Commercial Windows

    WebAnimator icon
  • Purple Animator

    With Purple, you will create beautiful HTML5 animations with ease. Purple animations can be viewed on mobile devices and on your Desktop. Import assets directly from graphics applications like Adobe® Photoshop® or Pixelmator and start creating at on…

    Commercial Mac

  • Hippani Animator

    Hippani Animator is a rich animation studio with numerous export options. It's easy to start creating HTML animation, mobile games, apps and videos. Hippani Animator is a featured packed animation studio. It's easy for beginners to get started and e…

    Freemium Mac Windows

    Hippani Animator icon
  • Opus Creator

    Create responsive HTML5, Flash and interactive multimedia without scripting. Opus Creator gets you productive today. Quickly design and distribute HTML5 websites, banners and other content, Windows apps, Flash animations and education resources. Fre…

    Commercial Windows

  • gokigif

    gokigif is a lightweight program used to create hand drawn frame-by-frame animations and manipulate animated gifs. Import and export animated GIFs with control of disposal, frame length, and transparency support. gokigif development is stalled and w…

    Free Windows

    gokigif icon

    Create banners online with our free HTML5 Banner Maker — easily, fast and for free. Our ad builder lets you create professional looking display banners in multiple sizes in minutes — no coding skills required! Use for your work ready banner template…

    Freemium Chrome OS Linux Mac Windows icon
  • Mediator

    Mediator 9 is a premier multimedia authoring tool that allows you to create interactive CD-ROM presentations, dynamic HTML pages and Flash® projects. Recognized for its award-winning icon-based editing, Mediator remains the leading multimedia author…

    Commercial Windows

    Mediator icon