Alternatives to Apache HTTP Server

  • Serva 32/64

    Serva is an Automated PXE Server Solution Accelerator based on an all-in-one portable multi-server engine including BINL(RIS/WDS), HTTP, FTP, TFTP, DHCP, proxyDHCP, DNS, SNTP and SYSLOG protocols. Serva is a light (~3 MB), yet powerful Microsoft Win…

    Freemium Windows S Windows

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  • lighttpd

    lighttpd (pronounced "lighty") is a web server designed to be secure, fast, standards-compliant, and flexible while being optimized for speed-critical environments. lighttpd supports load-balancing FastCGI, SCGI and HTTP proxy, SSL and TLS support v…

    Open Source Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • Caddy

    Caddy is a web server like Apache, nginx, or lighttpd, but with different goals, features, and advantages.The purpose of Caddy is to streamline an authentic web development, deployment, and hosting workflow so that anyone can host their own web site…

    Open Source Free Personal OpenBSD FreeBSD BSD Android Linux Windows Mac

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  • WPN-XM

    WPN-XM - is a free and open-source web server solution stack for professional PHP development on the Windows platform. - Base of the stack: Nginx + PHP + MariaDB- 17 Offline Installation Wizards (packaged) - Lite, LiteRC, Standard, Full- 5 Web-Insta…

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • Microsoft IIS

    Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server is a flexible, secure and easy-to-manage Web server for hosting anything on the Web. From media streaming to web application hosting, IIS’s scalable and open architecture is ready to handle the…

    Commercial Windows

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  • Cherokee

    Cherokee is a flexible, very fast, lightweight Web server. It is implemented entirely in C, and has no dependencies beyond a standard C library. It is embeddable and extensible with plug-ins. It supports on-the-fly configuration by reading files or …

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac

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  • WinNMP

    A lightweight, fast and stable server stack for developing php mysql applications on windows, based on the excellent webserver Nginx. A lighter alternative to XAMPP and WAMP. Features: Easy to upgrade! Backups, configuration files, database data, in…

    Free Windows

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  • WnMp

    Windows+Nginx+MariaDB+PHP WnMp can serve as an up to date LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) like server with more focus on Current technologies and also a great clean training Environment for Web Development and Maybe in the future it can be picked and s…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Windows

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  • Abyss Webserver

    Abyss Web Server is a compact web server available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems. Despite its small footprint, it supports HTTP/1.1, secure SSL/TLS connections (HTTPS), on-the-fly HTTP compression, dynamic content gener…

    Freemium BSD Linux Windows Mac


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  • Tornado Web Server

    Tornado is an open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web server. The framework is distinct from most mainstream web server frameworks (and certainly most Python frameworks) because it is non-blocking and reasonably fast. Because it is non…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac

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  • Appweb

    Embedthis Appweb is a fast, compact embedded Web server. It is unmatched in efficiency and serves pages at native speed, using an event-driven, non-blocking core to serve multiple requests using minimal resources. It has integrated caching and the E…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Windows Mac

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  • SimpleHTTPServer

    python -m SimpleHTTPServer python3 -m http.server 8000 Documentation for python3 version:

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Windows Mac

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  • webfs

    webfs is a simple HTTP server for mostly static content. You can use it to serve the content of a FTP server via HTTP for example. It is also nice to export some files the quick way by starting a HTTP server in a few seconds, without editing some co…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted BSD Linux Mac

  • SecureWAMP

    With SecureWAMP you can set up a complete and safe WAMP-System in a few minutes, which you can administrate completely via a GUI. Compared to common WAMPs SecureWAMP offers some revolutionary benefits. With SecureWAMP users have the choice between d…

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • mongrel

    A small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, Nitro and Iowa apps.

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Windows Mac

  • VBServer

    Create a personal web server with simplicity, reliability, and ease using VBServer. Features include PHP, HTTP, and more.

    Free Windows

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  • gatling

    A high performance web server. Small! (125k static Linux-x86 binary with HTTP, FTP and SMB support). Fast! (measure for yourself, please) Scalable!

    Open Source Free Linux