Alternatives to 10AppsManager

  • O&O AppBuster

    O&O AppBuster gives you the control back over your Windows 10 again! Now you decide which apps you want on your computer. When setting up Windows 10, Microsoft not only installs the operating system alone, but also a whole range of additional ap…

    Free Personal Windows

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  • Windows X App Remover

    Windows X App Remover is a simple, lightweight utility designed to help list and remove Modern (Metro) UI apps from your machine. With the Windows X App Remover, you can easily read out which Apps are installed and remove the ones you do not want an…

    Free Windows

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  • Windows 10 App Remover

    Windows 10 App Remover is a free utility designed to uninstall or remove preinstalled apps in Windows 10. With Windows 10 App Remover, you can uninstall the following apps: # 3D Builder # Alarms & Clock # Calculator # Calendar and Mail # Camera …

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