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Ramp is a spend management platform that offers global corporate cards, expense management, accounting automation, accounts payable, and procurement solutions. It provides unlimited cards with full visibility, automates expense reporting and approva…

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Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that enables agile planning, real-time reporting, and deeper analysis. It consolidates data from multiple systems to provide a single source of truth, allowing companies to manage financial risks, analyze data,…

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Costimize: End-to-end Google Cloud cost optimization platform, streamlining cloud expense management. Native API and IAM integration for scalable automated optimizations. Securely built on Google Cloud, providing data visibility, FinOps, governance,…

BILL Spend & Expense
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BILL Spend & Expense is an all-in-one financial operations platform that provides an efficient, controlled, and visible way to manage business finances. The platform combines free software with corporate cards to enable real-time visibility and cust…

Sage Intacct
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Financial platform offering accounting capabilities. Core features include accounts payable/receivable, cash and order management, real-time reporting, and global consolidations.

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Cloud-based accounting solution for churches, streamlining processes with online dashboards, scorecards, statistics, and detailed financial reports. It integrates with popular systems like QuickBooks, Shelby, ACS, and Financial Edge.

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Agicap is a cash flow management solution that offers secure and reliable banking or ERP connectivity, accurate short-term cash management, flexible liquidity forecasting, company-wide spendings centralization, and efficient automated cash collectio…


Shoeboxed, a receipt scanner service, aids individuals and businesses in organizing receipts and documents. It digitizes and categorizes paper receipts, business cards, and important documents. It also offers expense tracking and report generation.


ProAI is an AI-driven platform designed to fuel data-driven business growth. It offers customized solutions for business planning, funding, market research, and AI-based business advice. Generate tailored business plans with market insights and adap…

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Brex is a comprehensive spend management platform that offers a range of technical features to streamline corporate spending. These include AI-powered automation of compliance and expense management, global corporate cards with built-in controls, re…


Datarails is an AI-powered FP&A solution designed for finance experts who use Excel. It provides an easy way to conduct financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting while offering advanced features such as data consolidation, visualization, report…

Kyriba is a SaaS platform offering real-time solutions for Treasury, Risk Management, Payments, and Working Capital. It provides extensive tools to enhance visibility, automation, and security for CFOs and treasurers. Kyriba also leverages AI to aut…

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Jirav is an all-in-one FP&A software solution designed for accounting and finance professionals. It offers driver-based financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and dashboarding capabilities to streamline financial planning and analysi…

Cube Software

Cube is a spreadsheet-native FP&A application that seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Excel and Google Sheets, making it user-friendly and easy to adopt. By connecting to your existing tech stack, including ERP, CRM, and HRIS, Cube unifie…

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Upmetrics is a modern, AI-powered business planning software that transforms ideas into actionable plans, offering real-time forecasting, data-driven insights, and collaborative features. Streamline business plan creation, financial forecasting, and…

Pigment is a business planning platform that helps finance and revenue teams create real-time reports, plans, and forecasts. It consolidates data, simplifies modeling, and enhances decision-making. Pigment integrates with your tech stack, streamlini…

Quickbooks Online
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QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting tool with features including invoice creation, inventory management, warehouse monitoring, expense and income tracking, payment processing, and report generation. It offers multi-device accessibility and…

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G-Accon is a solution designed to integrate Google Sheets with popular accounting platforms like Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks. It streamlines financial operations by providing real-time analytics, automation, and simplified data management.


Jedox is a versatile financial planning and analysis software that enhances organizational performance. It unifies data, promotes collaboration, simplifies ESG reporting, and provides AI-driven insights for forecasting and communication. With an Exc…


CloudSaver is an advanced AWS cost optimization solution designed for enterprise IT organizations. Leveraging proprietary technology and expert AWS engineers, CloudSaver securely optimizes key resources, reducing AWS costs by 50% or more with a 200%…

SAP Concur
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SAP Concur is an automated expense management solution that streamlines and simplifies travel, expense, and invoice management for businesses. It offers features such as company spending management, improved policy compliance, mobile-friendly and cl…

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Navan is an all-in-one corporate travel and expense management app that simplifies booking and managing business trips, while providing real-time visibility and control over expenses. It offers discounted rates, policy controls, and productivity fea…

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Vena is a finance-led planning application that integrates with Microsoft 365, utilizing AI and Excel's familiarity to streamline processes and automate tasks. It provides budgeting, forecasting, strategic planning, and collaboration tools, with sec…

Fiverr Enterprise is a SaaS platform that helps companies manage their freelance workforce efficiently. It enables businesses to source, hire, onboard, manage, and pay freelancers while ensuring compliance with legal and financial requirements. It a…

Abacum is a scalable FP&A SaaS platform designed for finance teams to drive efficient business growth. It automates, analyzes, and forecasts using real-time data, streamlining financial planning processes. Abacum offers native integrations, real-tim…


MineralTree's AP automation software digitizes and enhances your accounts payable process, increasing efficiency and reducing fraud risk. By streamlining invoice capture, approval, authorization, payment, and analysis, MineralTree enables businesses…

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Causal is a business planning platform that replaces traditional spreadsheets. It offers efficient model building, data source connectivity (like accounting and CRM systems), and dashboard sharing. Causal's AI technology enables decision-making AI d…


Tesorio is a cash flow performance platform that helps finance teams manage, predict, and collect cash more efficiently. Its features include real-time cash forecasting, optimized workflows for collections, and actionable insights based on behaviora…


Rho is an integrated financial platform that streamlines financial processes, offering corporate cards, expense management, AP automation, and banking products. By partnering with FDIC-insured banks as a non-bank entity, Rho enhances efficiency, con…

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The Celonis Process Intelligence Platform utilizes process mining to identify and capture hidden value in your business processes. It creates a real-time digital twin of your end-to-end processes, promoting operational alignment and streamlining tec…

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