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  • Zapier

    Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online services (services like Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail, and 249 more).

    Free with limited functionality Web

    Zapier icon
  • Office Online

    Office Online is an online office suite offered by Microsoft, which allows users an easy way to access, view, create and edit documents using lightweight, web browser-based versions of Microsoft Office applications: Word Online ; Excel Online ; Powe…

    Free Microsoft Edge Web

    Office Online icon
  • Mevvy

    Mevvy is an app discovery platform that follows a different concept - we categorize apps by interest group, and help you discover the apps that truly matter to you - whether you are a parent, a pilot, a marketing strategist or an athlete!

    Free Web

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  • QuintaDB

    QuintaDB is a relational online database and web-form builder. It's an easy web based application with drag and drop interface. Cloud database application helps you to store business info in the cloud, where everyone can easily see and use informati…

    Freemium Android Web

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  • Huginn

    Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events, propagating them along a directed graph. Think o…

    Open Source Free Slack Self-Hosted Linux Windows

    Huginn icon
  • Sandstorm.io

    Sandstorm as a self-hosted option is free. As of Oct 14th, Oasis free plans are discontinued. Sandstorm makes it easy to run your own server. Install apps to create documents, spreadsheets, blogs, git repos, task lists, and more as easily as you'd i…

    Open Source Freemium Meteor Self-Hosted Web Linux

    Sandstorm.io icon
  • Cloudron

    Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run and maintain web apps on your server. Unlike 1-click solutions that do not assist you with any tasks post installation and require knowledge of system administration (like installing certificates, cre…

    Free with limited functionality Self-Hosted Web Linux

    Cloudron icon
  • Integromat

    Integromat will automate processes that you currently handle manually. It is not only capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require your intervention. Simply set …

    Freemium Android Wear Chrome iPad Android Tablet iPhone Android Web

    Integromat icon
  • Shift

    Shift into higher gear with the Google client for the desktop that makes navigating between Mail, Calendar, Drive + your favorite Apps & Extensions easy (for Gmail, Outlook.com - Office 365 & Hotmail). - Connect Unlimited Accounts(Gmail, Inb…

    Freemium Linux Windows Mac

    Shift icon
  • Skyvia

    Skyvia is a cloud data platform for data integration, backup & management. It provides quick and easy data integration with no coding, secure cloud-to-cloud data backup with one-click restore and online data management via SQL. Skyvia is a compl…

    Freemium iPad iPhone Android Web Windows Mac

    Skyvia icon
  • Webix UI

    Webix is a multi-widget JavaScript UI library for developing HTML5 and CSS3 compatible mobile and desktop web apps. It provides over 80 feature rich UI widgets for data management, visualization, uploading, building layouts and editing. Using these …

    Open Source Commercial Blackberry 10 iPad Windows Phone Android Tablet Chrome OS iPhone Android Linux Windows Mac

    Webix UI icon
  • Deepin Software Center

    Deepin Software Center, aka DSC, is one of the most talked about applications of Linux Deepin. Installing new applications is just a one-click operation. DSC supports parallel downloading, resuming downloads, update notification and cache cleaning. …

    Open Source Free Linux

    Deepin Software Center icon
  • Knack

    At its core Knack is an easy online database Knack gives you simple tools to transform your data into a powerful online database. - Structure your data with data types that make sense, like names and emails.- Connect your data by linking related rec…

    Commercial Windows S iPad Windows Phone Android Tablet Windows RT iPhone Android Windows Mobile Linux Windows Mac

    Knack icon
  • AppAppeal

    AppAppeal reviews and compares web applications to help people find the best web app for their needs.

    Free Web

    AppAppeal icon
  • Fogger

    Fogger turns your cloud apps into regular desktop apps.Fogger acts as a bridge between web applications and the linux desktop. It exposes an easy to use JS API to webapps which can be used to interact with the host desktop environment. It can also b…

    Open Source Free Linux

    Fogger icon
  • Twake

    Twake is a real-time teamwork platform. It is a suite of collaborative tools that includes the specificities of some best-sellers (slack, trello, google drive,...). We provide professional messaging, storage space, online collaborative editors (word…

    Freemium Linux Windows Mac

    Twake icon

    APIANT offers Data Integration Software Solutions for Citizen Integrators, Integration Specialists, IT Managers, SaaS Companies and Enterprises. On the cloud or self-hosted, the APIANT platform empowers non-developers (no code) and developers (low-c…

    Commercial Docker Web Linux

    APIANT icon
  • itduzzit

    Cloud-to-Cloud integration made easy by connecting multiple applications in the cloud with lower costs, quick results and no programming.

    Freemium Web

    itduzzit icon
  • Trigger Happy

    "Trigger Happy" is a tool that permits to take the control of your data with this opensource clone of IFTTT, a bridge between your internet services that make them speak to each other.Thus, instead of giving your credential to company that provide t…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Web Linux Windows Mac

  • Webix Kanban Board

    Webix Kanban is a JavaScript and HTML5 widget that can be used for building easy-to-use and feature-rich kanban boards. Kanban board is a useful tool for visualizing your day-to-day workflow. It's an advanced approach that will help you manage your …

    Freemium Chrome OS Web Windows Mac

    Webix Kanban Board icon