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  • ZeroMe

    ZeroMe - Social network for the distributed P2P network zeroNet Eventual common source code: https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroMe Accessible from HTTP proxy: https://bit.no.com:43110/1MeFqFfFFGQfa1J3gJyYYUvb5Lksczq7nH

    Open Source Free ZeroNet JavaScript Python Messagepack Self-Hosted gevent Web Linux Windows Mac

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  • Tarantool

    Tarantool is a NoSQL database management system running in a Lua application server. The code is available for free under the terms of BSD license. Supported platforms are GNU/Linux, Mac OS and FreeBSD. Key features Unlike most of NoSQL databases, T…

    Free BSD Linux Mac

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  • MessagePack

    MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization specification that lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON but quicker and with a lower overhead.

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Windows Mac

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