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  • Open HUB

    Open HUB is an open source directory that anyone can edit. It features comprehensive metrics and analysis on thousands of open source projects.

    Free Web

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  • EmotiCODE

    EmotiCODE is a collaborative source code snippets aggregator and search engine but mostly a place where developers can find the answers they are searching for and contribute with their own contents to help others with the same needs. The main concep…

    Open Source Free Sublime Text Web Linux Windows Mac

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  • searchcode.com

    searchcode is a free source code and documentation search engine. API documentation, code snippets and open source (free sofware) repositories are indexed and searchable. Most information is presented in such a way that you shouldn't need to click t…

    Free Web

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  • The Silver Searcher

    Silver Searcher is a code search tool similar to ack that claims to be much faster. It's implemented in C and has some extra features such as ignoring files per .hignore, .gitignore contents.

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac

  • SymbolHound

    SymbolHound offers symbol-inclusive search of open source code repositories, in addition to a feature that allows regular web searches for otherwise-ignored special characters.

    Free Web

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  • Koders.com

    Koders is a syntax-specific (33 languages, soon to be 43) open source code search engine that enables developers to find, understand, and use open source code. Koders has a search index of several billion lines of code, and will further expand this …

    Free Microsoft Visual Studio Eclipse Web

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  • Sourcegraph

    Powerful, instant code search across all your code:* Search in files and diffs using simple terms, regular expressions, and other filters.* Syncs repositories with your code host and supports searching any commit/branch, with no indexing delay. Enha…

    Open Source Freemium Firefox Atom Sublime Text IntelliJ IDEA Visual Studio Code Safari Chrome BSD Web Linux Mac

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  • Batch Files

    Replace, insert, delete, copy, move, format, extract, convert, encode, encrypt text and bytes in multiple files. Process 1000s files using multiple CPU cores in manual, automatic/continuous, triggered/scheduled, or console modes, or directly from Wi…

    Commercial Windows

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  • GrepCode

    GrepCode.com is a code search engine built by developers for developers to search and browse open source Java projects.

    Free Web

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  • zGrepCode

    zGrepCode.com is your helper to browse open source code online. It lets you navigate code in IDE style where you can follow references, read inline documentation, and share the code snippets anywhere easily.

    Free Web

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  • Codase

    Codase is the leading source code search company with advanced source code understanding and xml index/search technologies. Rather than treating code as text, Codase understands programming languages, and treats code as code, the way it's supposed t…

    Free Web

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  • DXR

    DXR is a code search and navigation tool aimed at making sense of large projects like Firefox. It supports full-text and regex searches as well as structural queries like "Find all the callers of this function." Behind the scenes, it uses trigram in…

    Open Source Free Docker Self-Hosted Web Linux

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  • JExamples

    Java examples in open source code. We search the java code of open source products to find the Java API examples you want to see. We also let you rate the examples so the best ones will come first in the search results.

    Free Web