Alternatives to Ziggs

  • Let's Chat

    Self-hosted chat for small teams. Features and Stuff BYOS (bring your own server) Persistent messages Multiple rooms New message alerts / notifications Mentions (hey @you) Image embeds Code pasting File uploads (Local / Amazon S3) Transcripts / chat…

    Open Source Free Cloudron Self-Hosted

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  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

    Microsoft Office 365 Android Tablet Windows S Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

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  • Flock

    Flock is a faster, more organized way for teams to communicate. Flock provides one-on-one chat and public and private channels. It offers multi-party video and audio calling and screen sharing. It also integrates with over 40 third-party apps includ…

    Freemium Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • Google Groups

    Google Groups is all about helping users connect with people, access information, and communicate effectively over email and on the web. Now theres a new version on the block. We didnt want to say it, but yes, its new and improved. Its got a new loo…

    Free Web-Based

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  • eXo Platform

    eXo Platform is an all-in-one open-source digital collaboration platform that provides knowledge, document and content management, social engagement, and project collaboration tools integrated into your business’s applications. eXo Platform helps yo…

    Open Source Freemium Self-Hosted Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • Dialog Messenger

    dialog app is built and designed for corporate communication on all types of mobile devices - tablet, mobile phones etc.

    Free for personal use Software as a Service (SaaS) Self-Hosted Linux Mac iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • ZeroChat

    An IRC-like internet chatroom hosted on ZeroNet, a distributed network. 0rc is a fully distributed website, and messages are shared through peers using the ZeroNet stack. In addition, making a new chatroom website is a simple as downloading the file…

    Open Source Free ZeroNet JavaScript Python Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

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  • Samepage

    Samepage is award-winning collaboration software built to help teams co-author documents, share files, manage tasks & calendars, draw diagrams, edit spreadsheets, & more - in real time. Secure sharing helps you collaborate with co-workers, c…

    Freemium Mac iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • Semaphor

    Every conversation you have, file you share, and message you send is cryptographically secure. Encryption is a business imperative. Protect your ideas, intellectual property and trade secrets with Semaphor. Until now, there's never been a mains…

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  • Hack Chat is a minimal, distraction-free chat application.Channels are created and joined by going to There are no channel lists, so a secret channel name can be used for private discussions. Source code : https://gi…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Web-Based Android

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  • Ripcord

    Ripcord is a desktop chat client for group-centric services like Slack and Discord. It provides a traditional compact desktop interface designed for power users. It's not built on top of web browser technology: it responds quickly to input, sips gen…

    Free Slack Discord Linux Mac Windows

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  • Wimi

    Wimi is the ultimate productivity tool. It integrates all the essential applications to facilitate teamwork. Wimi saves time to managers and entrepreneurs working with teams and clients. Wimi includes many worthy functionnalities :- file sharing - m…

    Commercial Android Tablet iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • IRCCloud

    Chat from anywhere and never miss a message. Stay connected even while you’re offline.

    Freemium iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Yammer

    Yammer is revolutionizing internal corporate communications by bringing together all of a company’s employees inside a private and secure enterprise social network. Although Yammer is as easy to use as consumer products like Facebook or Twitter, it’…

    Commercial Windows Phone iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Spectrum Chat

    It is difficult to grow, manage and measure the impact of online communities. Community owners need modern, chat-based communities but are running into scaling issues when their community grows beyond a few hundred members. It becomes hard to keep t…

    Open Source Freemium Software as a Service (SaaS) Self-Hosted Web-Based

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  • kune

    kune is a social network where you can communicate, collaborate and share between equals, using different web tools: documents, calendars, chats, wiki, messages, tasks, forums, barters. Features All the functionalities of Apache Wave, that is collab…

    Open Source Free Web-Based

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  • SquidHub

    SquidHub is a collaboration app for people who want clarity, simplicity, a bit of fun and a great way of working together. Click here to get started! With SquidHub you get access to the following in a single screen:- Create todos for the team- Chat …

    Freemium iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • MongooseIM platform

    MongooseIM is aimed at large, complex enterprise level projects, where real-time communication is critical for business success. It provides high availability, ease of deployment, development and reliability in production. **Features:*** XMPP and RE…

    Open Source Free Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services Linux Mac

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  • Infolio

    Infolio is a Digital Workplace for Team Collaboration that allows you to easily create visual workspaces, add all kinds of content (documents, tasks, notes, web links, data), organize it the way you like, share it and collaborate with your team memb…

    Freemium iPad iPhone Web-Based

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  • VideoMeeting

    VideoMeeting is a free and open source video conference solution built to have video calls and chats using your web browser. It is deployed on top of It is a pure web application based on WebRTC that can provide communication features withi…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Chrome OS Web-Based

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