Alternatives to WebIRC

  • HydraIRC

    HydraIRC is an open-source IRC client with an attractive and easy to use interface. It supports DCC Chat and File transfers, Connecting to multiple servers, Dockable Floating Tabbed Windows, Autohiding Windows, DLL Plugins, Channel Monitoring, Messa…

    Open Source Free Windows

    HydraIRC icon
  • X-Chat 2 for Windows

    A freeware build of X-Chat for windows, as opposed to the official 30-day-trial shareware Windows build.

    Free Windows

    X-Chat 2 for Windows icon
  • AndroIRC

    AndroIRC is your new IRC client!Features:• mIRC colors• auto join channels on startup• nickserv auth• Android notifications• copy & paste• logging• sasl auth (plain and blowfish)• Multiple servers connections (SSL support)• Easy access menu to k…

    Freemium Android

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  • Convos

    Convos is the simplest way to use IRC. It is always online, and accessible to your web browser, both on desktop and mobile. Run it on your home server, or cloud service easily. It can be deployed to Heroku or Docker-based cloud services, or you can …

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Web-Based

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  • Maid-IRC

    A modern web IRC client. Built on Node.js.

    Open Source Free Node.JS Self-Hosted Web-Based

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  • jsIRC

    jsIRC is written using Socket.IO, node.js, jQuery Title Alert and Sencha ExtJS, relying on string.js, Lo-Dash and PhantomJS. Implemented Features: * Webcam Chat* Classic TCP IRC server* Channel Chat* Channel Modes* Channel Moderation* Client To Clie…

    Open Source Free jQuery Node.JS Self-Hosted Web-Based

  • bIRC

    bIRC is a simple, lightweight and flexible IRC-Client written in Bash. bIRC doesn't require an installation and can be launched by executing a single script file. bIRC has plugin support and can be easily modified.

    Open Source Free Linux Mac

    bIRC icon
  • leafChat

    leafChat is an IRC client for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Chat with your friends using popular IRC networks. leafChat has a friendly, clean interface that doesn't get in the way of your conversations. Connect to multiple servers at once on the sam…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    leafChat icon

    CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser, it is designed to be flexible and has many uses such as an IRC gateway for an IRC network, a chat-room for a website or to access IRC when stuck behind a restrictive firewall.

    Open Source Free Perl Self-Hosted BSD Linux Web-Based

    CGI:IRC icon
  • jakeIRC

    jakeIRC is a web-based Meteor IRC client that allows users to connect to their favorite IRC channels. To run jakeIRC locally, you need to have meteor as well as npm irc installed. NPM: NPM IRC:…

    Open Source Free Meteor npm Self-Hosted Web-Based

  • Gnotty

    Gnotty ties the knot between the web and IRC. It is designed to assist open source projects that host an IRC channel for collaboration on their project. Gnotty is BSD licensed. Gnotty is comprised of several parts. Primarily Gnotty provides a modern…

    Open Source Free Python Self-Hosted Web-Based

  • Atomic IRC

    Atomic is an open source IRC client built for a new age. New features from its heritage of Yaaic, improvements and stuff.

    Open Source Free Android Tablet Android

    Atomic IRC icon
  • HoloIRC

    HoloIRC is an open source IRC client for Android 4.0 and up. It is designed to be as simple to use as possible while being extremely small in size and fairly light in resources. It works with IRC bouncers as well as regular servers. The design of th…

    Open Source Free Android Tablet Android

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  • Nettalk

    Nettalk is a powerful but easy to use free (open source) IRC-client for Windows. The smart user interface is based on Windows standards, so it is easy to get used to it. The following languages for the interface are available: English, Spanish, Dutc…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Nettalk icon
  • Subway

    Subway is a web-based IRC client with a multi-user backend and a JavaScript-heavy UI. Frontend/backend communication is done with websockets (or best available fallback where not available). The backend supports connection persistence and optional l…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

    Subway icon
  • Tiny Tiny IRC

    Tiny Tiny IRC is an open source AJAX-powered IRC client. The idea behind this being that you don't need either client software or even a stable network connection to stay connected to IRC, just keep the site opened to see new messages.

    Open Source Free Android Tablet Android

    Tiny Tiny IRC icon
  • ScrollZ IRC Client

    ScrollZ is an advanced IRC client based on ircII. It incorporates many useful features found in all sorts of scripts. The main difference between these scripts and ScrollZ is the code - whereas ircII scripts take a lot of disk and memory space and r…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac Windows

    ScrollZ IRC Client icon
  • sushi IRC suite

    The sushi IRC suite consists of a central daemon and several clients, which communicate via DBus. The daemon -- maki -- provides DBus methods and signals that abstract the IRC protocol to make it more pleasant to use.Consequently, clients using this…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac

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  • Mobile Node

    Mobile Node is free and available for Android phone users, especially those that yearn for privacy and security, but do not want to give up on the connectedness with friends. With this powerful all in one app, users can chat, have their own private …

    Free Android

    Mobile Node icon
  • lightIRC

    lightIRC is a fast, free, Flash-based IRC Client. It supports webcams with an extension! Embed it into your website with a couple of clicks! It supports stylesheets for its own skins, has support for multiple languages, and can be used with every IR…

    Free Personal Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

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