Alternatives to Visual Assist X

  • ReSharper

    JetBrains ReSharper for Visual Studio redefines the notions of developer productivity and code editing usability as applied to .NET. It provides efficient navigation and search features, industry-leading refactorings, smart code completion, and much…

    Commercial Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    ReSharper icon
  • IntelliDebugger

    IntelliDebugger is an extension of Visual Studio that aims to simplify code debugging. The current version supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012, unmanaged C++, C# languages and the following main features:a) Save variable values during debuggi…

    Commercial Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Framework Windows

    IntelliDebugger icon
  • CodeRush

    CodeRush, formerly Refactor! Pro, makes it easier to see what's going on with complex code, so you can move forward and spend less time wandering and wondering. Why is that expression's value different from what you expect? When did that local chang…

    Commercial Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    CodeRush icon
  • OzCode

    OzCode is a reliable productivity tool that helps identify and fix bugs during C# debugging. OzCode saves time and effort and ensures that your debugging experience is effective and efficient. OzCode's powerful and innovative features make the debug…

    Freemium Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    OzCode icon
  • Codinion

    Enhanced C# syntax highligthing.Symbol searchbar for better navigation in files.Solution file and symbol search dialog.Visual Studio Banner for working with same solutions in different branches.

    Commercial Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    Codinion icon
  • Productivity Power Tools

    A set of extensions to Visual Studio 2012 Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

    Free Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    Productivity Power Tools icon
  • VSCommands

    VSCommands extends Microsoft Visual Studio with powerfull features and tools. With Fluent code navigation, smart coding assistance and tens of other improvements VSCommands integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio and helps you to achieve more every…

    Free Personal Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    VSCommands icon
  • Telerik JustCode

    JustCode is a Visual Studio extension that offers instant .NET code error check and analysis, 30+ refactorings, code generation, code cleaning, quick hints and much more. JustCode seamlessly completes Visual Studio, without being obtrusive or interr…

    Commercial Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

  • TestDriven.NET

    TestDriven.Net makes it easy to run unit tests with a single click, anywhere in your Visual Studio solutions. It supports all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and it integrates with the best .NET development tools.

    Commercial Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    TestDriven.NET icon
  • VS-QuickNavigation

    Visual Studio plugins for a fast navigation between files and methods. - thennequin/VS-QuickNavigationUse Exuberent-CTags for the generation of the symbols database.And Universal-CTags in the developement channel.

    Open Source Free Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    VS-QuickNavigation icon
  • BrockSoft VSAid

    VSAid (Visual Studio Aid) is a Microsoft Visual Studio add-in available, at no cost, for both personal and commercial use. Primarily aimed at Visual C++ developers (though useful for any Visual Studio project or solution), VSAid adds a new toolbar t…

    Free Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

    BrockSoft VSAid icon