Alternatives to Typio Form Recovery

  • Lazarus Form Recovery

    The ultimate web-form recovery solution. Lazarus automagically encrypts and saves web-form data as you type, so that when a form submission fails, your browser crashes, or something else goes horribly wrong, you can skip the hair pulling, return to …

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  • Form History Control

    A browser extension to View and Manage all form data that has been saved by the web browser giving you full control over what is stored, what is cleaned up or not, and when to perform a cleanup.

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  • Remember Form

    will remember your form per site (exact URL) and will inject it as you commence editing it.Instraction:1. Fill out the form in the site2. Click the "save form" button3. When you enter the form again click on "Inject form"4. If you want to delete the…

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  • Text Input Recover Extension

    Remembers values for input fields on a page. TIRE attempts to save the contents of all page fields (except passwords) in which a user can enter text. Once the text has been stored and the page re-visited, the fields can be populated with the text la…

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  • Form Vault

    Form Vault gives you the ability to save form templates and recover lost form data from any webpage. You can also fill out timesheets, job applications, and other forms that you fill out often with just the click of a button! If you’ve ever had a $#…

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  • Remember Form Inputs

    This program is a Chrome extension that allows you to remember the contents of the form input and restore it at any time. It is convenient to save time and effort to enter the same content in the test.

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