Alternatives to Stations

  • 6IRCNet Synchtube is a SynchTube hosting. Like the official synchtube website, with it you can create public and private rooms where share synchronized music and videos.

    Open Source Free Web-Based

  • Watch2Gether

    Watch2Gether lets groups of users watch videos in-sync together. At the same time users can communicate through a build-in chat-room and use web cam and audio chat. Available media sources are Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Soundcloud. Watch2Gether…


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  • Livestream

    Broadcast and live stream your video (desktop, webcam, combination) and audio directly to the service website. You can use desktop application Procaster or Webcaster, the browser streaming tool.

    Apple TV Android Tablet iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • CyTube

    CyTube is a web application providing media synchronization, chat, and more for an arbitrary number of channels. The serverside is written in JavaScript and runs on Node.JS. It makes use of a MySQL database to store user registrations, cached media …

    Open Source Free Web-Based

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  • BeatSense

    Crowd-driven music discovery! The easiest way to enjoy & discover great music. Enjoy hand-picked music by real people that shares the same taste as you are, in a single click.Provide and receive real-time feedback. Chat and meet great music love…

    Freemium Free Web-Based Android

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  • &chill

    A website where you can watch YouTube and Twitch videos together, with anyone. It’s like a virtual cinema. It was inspired by an old cinema used in Garry's Mod.

    Free Web-Based

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  • RollingTune

    Listen Online your Favorite Tunes Totally free and legal.Search for a group, listen, share, add playlists, listen radios, find lyrics.You can even watch the video or download the mp3.

    Free Chrome OS Kindle Fire Mac Windows Web-Based Android

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    Watch synchronized videos from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo with your friends up to 20. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time and can control it.With the Pro version use advanced professional features to go deeper into the social exp…

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  • Sync Video

    Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you?Well, now you can!

    Free Firefox Chrome Web-Based

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  • CRadio

    » Use of CRadioYou can easily listen to over 3,000 radio broadcasting stations, including finance and economics, entertainment, city news, foreign broadcasting stations, popular music, rock & roll, jazz, folk music, and symphony etc, so it means…

    Free iPad iPhone Windows Android

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  • musiqpad

    Musiqpad is a social-music software platform for users to host their own ‘pads’ (rooms). Each individual pad will do the hosting and you will be able to connect your pad to a central lounge (lobby) to allow other people to join and jam with you.

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Web-Based

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    Enable users to share music and videos LIVE with others people on customizable channels. Have a real musical conversation with friends or strangers, and discover new tracks!

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  • ShareTube

    Watch YouTube collaboratively with others online, synced to the second! Create your own room and join a room and invite others.

    Free YouTube Web-Based

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  • Hitch Radio

    Founded by one of the creators of iHeartRadio, Hitch Radio is an instant messaging app for live broadcast radio that lets you share a thought, a song, or a memory while you are listening to live radio.

    Free Android

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    Juicebox lets you watch YouTube online with other people, with a special focus on music. Join in on the chat and discover new music.

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  • is a free website giving you the possibility to create your own webradio.Based on comunity broadcast, the goal is to share music, listen to new kind of styles, share playlists, ...

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