Alternatives to SmartOS

  • KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)

    KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V). It consists of a loadable kernel module, kvm.ko, that provides the core virtualization infra…

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  • Proxmox Virtual Environment

    Proxmox Virtual Environment is an easy to use Open Source virtualization platform for running Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines. Note: Nag messages, update instability, and reduced functionality through limiting access to software repositories…

    Freemium Open Source Linux Windows

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  • OpenStack

    OpenStack OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. The project aims to deliver solutions for all types of clouds …

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  • Xen, home of the Xen hypervisor, the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization. It is a native (bare-metal) hypervisor providing services that allow multiple computer operating systems to execute on the same computer hardware con…

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  • VMware vSphere Hypervisor

    VMware vSphere Hypervisor ( based on ESXi ) is a free bare-metal hypervisor that virtualizes servers so you can consolidate your applications on less hardware. ------------------------------------------------- TECH SPECS ----------------------------…

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  • Portable Virtualbox

    Portable-VirtualBox is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation. It unpacks and adjusts the paths and configuration of VirtualBox so it will run portably. It will not …

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server

    Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Server 2008 R2 is a stand-alone product that provides a reliable and optimized virtualization solution enabling organizations to improve server utilization and reduce costs. With the addition of new features such as live migratio…

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  • Citrix Hypervisor

    Citrix Hypervisor is a comprehensive server virtualization platform with enterprise-class features built in to easily handle different workload types, mixed operating systems and storage or networking configurations. For the most demanding app, and …

    Freemium Open Source Nvidia Grid RadeonPro AMD MxGPU NVIDIA vGPU Linux Windows

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  • OpenVZ

    OpenVZ is container-based virtualization for Linux. OpenVZ creates multiple secure, isolated Linux containers (otherwise known as VEs or VPSs) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not confl…

    Open Source Free Linux

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  • UCS Virtual Machine Manager

    UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) is an easy-to-use and powerful administration tool for KVM. It virtualizes Microsoft Windows, Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and other Linux distributions by centrally providing all the functions for creating an…

    Open Source Free Univention Corporate Server Linux

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  • Danube Cloud

    Danube Cloud is a cloud management software used for deploying, maintaining and automating cloud data centers and their processes. The project aims to simplify the whole server virtualization environment by automating all the repetitive tasks for th…

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  • TotalCloud

    TotalCloud helps cloud engineers build their own cloud management platform without the need for coding or integrating other tools. The platform allows the users to create their own “cloud recipes” in the form of interactive workflows – a logical flo…

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  • OpenNode

    OpenNode is a open source server virtualization solution providing easy to use bare-metal ISO installer. It's based on CentOS and supports both OpenVZ container-based virtualization and emerging KVM full virtualization technology on the same host.

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