Alternatives to Self-Destructing Cookies

  • Cookies Exterminator

    Cookies Exterminator automatically erases cookies, localStorage and IndexedDB objects when they are no longer used by open browser tabs. You don't need to use any blacklists and be concerned about how they are up to date - the unwanted data will be …

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  • Cookiebro

    With Cookiebro you can manage/filter/block browser cookies that can be used to track you online. Cookiebro can remove unwanted cookies regardless of their origin (websites or WebExtension requests). Features:- Configurable automatic deletion of unwa…

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  • selectivecookiedelete

    Delete cookies from specified domains (black-list) or delete cookies not in the specified domains (white-list). This can be done on-demand or automatically at shutdown.

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  • Tab Cookies

    Get in control of your privacy automatically deleting the unused cookies created in each tab when you close it. This extensions deletes all the cookies created in a tab (which are not used by other tabs) when you close the tab. In this way your priv…

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  • Self Destroying Cookies

    Get rid of a site's cookies as soon as you close its tabs. Protects against trackers and zombie-cookies. Trustworthy services can be whitelisted. Features- Automatically removes cookies, after the tab closes or you leave the website- Whitelist to al…

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  • MozillaCookiesView

    Alternative to the standard Cookie Manager provided by Netscape and Mozilla browsers.

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  • Forget Me Not

    Make the browser forget website data (like cookies, local storage, etc.), except for the data you want to keep by adding domains to a whitelist, graylist, blacklist, or redlist. Features:This web-extension deletes data websites store in the browser …

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  • Privatus

    Privatus has been designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. After a quick initial setup, Privatus will take care of clearing your personal and private browsing tracks automatically after each browsing session. Privatus just works!It has b…

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  • Cookies Manager+

    Cookies manager to view, edit and create new cookies. It also shows extra information about cookies, allows edit multiple cookies at once and backup/restore them. Features:- total replacement for built-in cookie viewer (optional)- ability change dom…

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