Alternatives to Ko-fi


    GuruCan is a self-managed platform that allowed influencers to create Apps (iOS & Android), publish content & monetise the audience. You can launch app & sell workouts, online courses, challenges, paid chat, live streams and more feature…

    Commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Liberapay

    Liberapay is a way to donate money recurrently to people whose work you appreciate. Liberapay does not take a cut of payments, recipients get the full face value. The service is funded by the donations to its own account. What are the differences be…

    Open Source Free Web-Based

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  • Flattr

    Flattr is a social micropayment service, that makes it easy for you to "flatter" things on the internet that you like. When you're registered to Flattr, you pay a small monthly fee of your own choosing. At the end of the month, that fee is divided b…

    Commercial Web-Based Android

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  • Patreon

    In 2013, YouTube musician Jack Conte was looking for a solution to his problem: millions of people loved his videos, but only hundreds of dollars were hitting his bank account. This didn’t add up, so he drafted up an idea (hi, we’re Patreon) and bro…

    Commercial Android Tablet iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • BountySource

    BountySource is a funding platform for open-source bugs and features. Anyone can can post a monetary bounty on an open source project's issues (currently only projects hosted on Github are supported), encouraging other developers to come and work on…

    Open Source Free Web-Based

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  • Open Collective

    Recurring funding for groups. Accept money without creating a new bank account, and be fully transparent about where that money is going.

    Commercial Open Source Web-Based

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  • Buy Me A Coffee

    A free, fast and friendly way to accept donations💰 Buy Me A Coffee is a free platform for creators (bloggers, developers, artists) to receive donations from their audience in a friendly manner 🎉 FEATURES:– Multiple payout options: Paypal and Stripe …

    Free Web-Based

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  • FreedomSponsors

    FreedomSponsors is a platform for supporting free/libre software projects through microcrowdfunding – that is, crowdfunding individual issues of open source projects. The issue crowdfunding system is similar to JIRA’s voting system, but the votes co…


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  • beerpay

    Givers can motivate others to continue developing, and set Wishes (e.g. new features or issues to fix). Receivers are able to get Support or Wishes. Works with Stripe and Bitcoin.

    Free GitHub Pages Web-Based

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  • Tipeee

    Tipeee is a new way of crowdfunding based on the concept of leaving a tip. Here creators are passionate people who already provide, on a regular basis, free content to their community. However, unlike a traditional crowdfunding platform, creators on…

    Free Web-Based

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  • Trans Pay

    Trans Pay is developed by Collectif Trans Posé·e·s for our own use and that of other associations. This tool is used to receive and manage donations:- Supports one-time and monthly donations- Process cards with Stripe- Flexible and customizable It w…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux

  • Cloud Patron

    Cloud Patron is an open source membership platform that enables fans to support creators with monthly subscriptions. Creators can customize support levels, set goals, and post updates for their patrons. Supports monthly credit card billing using Str…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted

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  • do nxt

    We want to give talents the financial support they need to live their passion.Fans can get in touch with talents, choose whom they want to support and help aspiring talents with as little as 3 CHF a month. Talents can grab the chance to earn a livin…

    Free Web-Based

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  • BitBacker

    PowerChat: Watch livestreams of your favorite creators, and use crypto to send highlighted messages during their stream. A great way for fans and creators to interact during live chat. Anonymous donations: Not everyone likes their identity to be kno…

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  • sther

    Sther is a socially-conscious crowdsourcing, subscription-based platform. Like Patreon, the platform allows creators to make a profile page that promotes their work. Followers can subscribe at different pledge levels and creators provide exclusive c…

    Commercial Chrome OS Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based

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