Alternatives to Karnaugh Studio

  • Karnaugh Map Minimizer

    Karnaugh Map Minimizer is free (GPL) software for minimizing boolean functions using the graphic method of Karnaugh maps. I made it primarily for educational purposes so double check the output if you intend to use it for any "real" work. I hope it …

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  • Karnaugh Minimizer

    Boolean minimization - that is the key answer to this problem,Karnaugh Minimizer Standard can help you to simplify logical equations all over your source code, and you can use this tool as a little helper in your hard refactoring works. Karnaugh Min…

    Commercial Windows

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  • Karnaugh Analyzer

    Karnaugh Analyzer is a light and fast program that can analyze Karnaugh Map and not only this!!!! You can input your data in many form (Karnaugh Map, True Table, Function form - Boolean algebra, and in sets of Term) and you can take the function in …

    Commercial Windows

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