Alternatives to Firebug

  • Google Chrome Developer Tools

    The Google Chrome Developer Tools provide an integrated environment for debugging, optimizing, and understanding a web application, or website, running in Google Chrome. The developer tools are developed partly through the WebKit open source project…

    Open Source Free Chrome Linux Windows Mac

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  • HttpWatch

    HttpWatch is an HTTP viewer and debugger that integrates with IE and Firefox to provide seamless HTTP and HTTPS monitoring without leaving the browser window. It's available as a free edition and a PRO version that cost money and has additional feat…

    Commercial Firefox Windows

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  • Live HTTP Headers (Chrome)

    Monitor all HTTP/HTTPs traffic from your browser.Live HTTP Headers logs all HTTP traffic between Google Chrome and the Internet. This extension can be helpful if you want to:* Debug web application* Follow redirect path* See cookies sent by remote s…

    Free Chrome Linux Windows Mac

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  • Live HTTP Headers

    The goal of this project is to adds information about the HTTP headers in three ways: First by adding a 'Headers' tab in 'View Page Info' of a web page. Second by adding a tool in the 'Tools->Web Development' menu to be able to display http heade…

    Free Firefox Linux Windows Mac

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  • SplineTech Javascript Debugger

    SplineTech JavaScript Debugger is the fastest independent standalone JavaScript Debugger that enables you to debug JavaScript for IE completely independently of any add-ons, plug-ins, Java or any other third-party proprietary tools. Native JavaScrip…

    Commercial Windows

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  • Graphical HTTP Client

    HTTP Client is a Mac OS X Leopard developer tool for debugging HTTP services by graphically creating and inspecting complex HTTP messages.

    Commercial Mac

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  • HTTP Headers

    Quickly view the HTTP headers of the current tab.HTTP Headers allows you to quickly see the HTTP header information for the current URL. This extension can be helpful if you want to:* Debug web application* Follow redirect path* See cookies sent by …

    Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • HTTPScoop

    HTTP Scoop is a Mac program, similar to Fiddler , specialized network sniffer that displays requests to websites along with the response, and makes it fairly easy to see what's going on. - Capture HTTP conversations regardless of the browser or serv…

    Commercial Mac

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  • StatusCake Tools

    StatusCake Tools allows you to check the speed and load time of your website. Simply enter the website URL and check one of the locations from around the world you want the website checked from. The test results allow you to view individual page ele…

    Free Web Windows Mac

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  • RESTed

    RESTed allows developers to quickly format and make HTTP requests and view the response. RESTed supports both basic HTTP authentication and OAuth. RESTed shows you the response header and response data. XML and JSON responses can even be spruced up …

    Commercial Mac

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  • GraphicalHttpClient

    Graphical Http Client is a utility to help you test and interact with REST-based web services. It is lightweight, easy-to-use, and has the following features: - Set request headers and body, then see the response body and headers- JSON responses are…

    Commercial Mac

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  • DOMScope

    DOMScope is an online web inspector and debugger for mobile web apps. Like Chrome's DevTools, it allows developers to navigate through the HTML, list applied CSS styles and execute JavaScript code inside any device's browser. Unlike DevTools, DOMSco…

    Free Web

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  • Site Relic

    Site Toolbox for the website owner, web engineer, SEO analyst, web developer, webmaster and everyone. There are 18 testing tools at the moment including the following. Screenshot Checker - Check how does your website look like from different region …

    Freemium Web

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  • Slowy

    Slowy is an OSX app which simulates custom connection's conditions and limits the network traffic. It is created for web developers that work on a local server, to test a website with a real-world connection.

    Freemium Mac

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  • Tiny JavaScript Debugger

    TinyJSD is a JavaScript debugger for privileged code running Mozilla products like Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey. It serves to debug the application as well as extensions written in JavsScript.

    Open Source Free Firefox Linux Windows Mac

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