Alternatives to FigTree

  • TreeView X

    TreeView X is an open source program to display phylogenetic trees on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms. It can read and display NEXUS and Newick format tree files (such as those output by PAUP*, Clustal X, TREE-PUZZLE, and other programs…

    Free Linux Mac Windows

    TreeView X icon
  • TreeView

    Tree drawing software for Apple Macintosh and Windows.

    Free Linux Mac Windows

    TreeView icon
  • Archaeopteryx

    Archaeopteryx is a software tool for the visualization, analysis, and editing of potentially large and highly annotated phylogenetic trees. Archaeopteryx (the successor to ATV) is entirely written in the Java programming language (it is based on the…

    Free Java Linux Mac Windows

  • Dendroscope

    Researchers studying phylogenetic relationships need software that is able to visualize rooted phylogenetic trees and networks efficiently, increasingly of large datasets involving hundreds of thousands of taxa. The program should be user friendly (…

    Free Mac Windows

    Dendroscope icon