Alternatives to Evolve (database migration)

  • DbPatch

    dbpatch - Database version control. Gradle/Maven/Standalone app.

    Open Source Free Java Linux Mac Windows

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  • Liquibase

    Database source control Works With You Supports code branching and mergingSupports multiple developersSupports multiple database typesSupports XML, YAML, JSON and SQL formatsSupports context-dependent logicCluster-safe database upgradesGenerate Data…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • gitSQL

    What is gitSQL?gitSQL is a *free front end GUI for scripting out SQL objects into Flat File for use with Source Control such as GIT. What does it do exactly?Under the hood; gitSQL discovers database objects and then scripts them out using native dat…

    Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • flyway

    Flyway is an open-source database migration tool. It strongly favors simplicity and convention over configuration. It has a Java API (also works on Android) for migrating the database on application startup. Alternatively, you can also use the Maven…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • SQL Source Control

    SQL Source Control: add-in for SQL Server Management Studio. Version control your database in SVN, TFS, Git, Mercurial, Vault, Perforce.

    Commercial Windows

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  • node-db-migrate

    Database migration framework for node.js

    Open Source Free Node.JS Linux Mac Windows

  • dbv

    Database version control