Alternatives to Elokab

  • Xfce

    Xfce (pronounced as four individual letters) is a free software desktop environment for Unix and other Unix-like platforms, such as Linux, Solaris and BSD. It aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use. Amo…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

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    GNOME 3 has been designed from the ground up to help you have the best possible computing experience. Learn about what it has to offer. Simple and easy to useEvery part of GNOME 3 has been designed to make it simple and easy to use. The Activities O…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

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  • KDE Plasma

    Plasma is the KDE workspace. Actually it is a technology that can adapt to many types of devices. Currently there are two varieties of Plasma: The Plasma Desktop environment which is the focus of the majority of our pages and Plasma Mobile, the new …

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac Windows

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  • MATE

    Many users of GNOME 2 dislike GNOME 3. MATE is a fork of the good old GNOME 2. It provides an intuitive and attractive desktop environment using traditional metaphors for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. MATE is under active development …

    Open Source Free GhostBSD OpenIndiana FreeBSD BSD Linux

    MATE icon
  • Cinnamon

    Cinnamon is a Linux desktop which provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience. The desktop layout is similar to GNOME 2. The underlying technology is forked from GNOME Shell. The emphasis is put on making users feel at ho…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

    Cinnamon icon
  • LXDE

    The "Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment" is an extremely fast-performing and energy-saving desktop environment. Maintained by an international community of developers, it comes with a beautiful interface, multi-language support, standard keyboard s…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

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  • LXQt

    LXQt is the Qt port and the upcoming version of LXDE, the Lightweight Desktop Environment. It is the product of the merge between the LXDE-Qt and the Razor-qt projects: A lightweight, modular, blazing-fast and user-friendly desktop environment.

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

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  • Budgie

    Budgie is the flagship desktop of the Solus Operating System and is part of the Solus Project. Designed with the modern user in mind, it focuses on simplicity and elegance. Written from scratch with integration in mind, the Budgie desktop tightly in…

    Open Source Free Linux

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  • Enlightenment

    Enlightenment is not just a window manager for Linux/X11 and others, but also a whole suite of libraries to help you create beautiful user interfaces with much less work than doing it the old fashioned way and fighting with traditional toolkits, not…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac

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  • Cairo Shell

    Cairo Shell is a replacement shell for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Like other shell alternatives, it replaces the default Windows Shell. Cairo Shell will be free to download and use when it is released.

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • Lumina Desktop Environment

    Lumina is a lightweight, BSD licensed, standards-compliant desktop environment based upon Qt and Fluxbox. It is being developed on PC-BSD, and is being packaged for distribution on the PC-BSD package repository as well

    Open Source Free PC-BSD BSD Linux

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  • EDE

    Equinox Desktop Environment is simple and small graphical desktop environment for UNIX operating systems

    Open Source Free Solaris BSD Linux

    EDE icon
  • Emerge Desktop

    Emerge Desktop is a replacement Windows "shell" (the desktop environment normally provided by Windows Explorer) for Windows 2000 and above. In order to replace Windows Explorer as a shell, it provides a system tray (the area that collects the icons …

    Open Source Free Windows

    Emerge Desktop icon
  • Bluetile

    Bluetile is a tiling window manager for Linux, designed to integrate with the GNOME desktop environment. It provides both a traditional, stacking layout mode as well as tiling layouts where windows are arranged to use the entire screen without overl…

    Open Source Free Linux

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  • CDE (Common Desktop Environment)

    The Common Desktop Environment was created by a collaboration of Sun, HP, IBM, DEC, SCO, Fujitsu and Hitachi. Used on a selection of commercial UNIXs, it is now available as open-source software for the first time.

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

    CDE (Common Desktop Environment) icon
  • Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE)

    The TDE project began as a continuation of the K Desktop Environment (KDE) version 3. The name Trinity was chosen partly because the word means "three" and TDE was a continuation of KDE 3. TDE now is its own computer desktop environment project. The…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux

    Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) icon
  • GNUstep

    GNUstep's core framework provides open source version of the Cocoa's (formerly known as OpenStep from NeXT) APIs and tools for as many platforms as possible. GNUstep provides a robust implementation of the AppKit and Foundation libraries as well as …

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Windows

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  • Window Maker

    Window Maker has a reputation for being fast, efficient and highly stable. Window Maker has been characterized as reproducing "the elegant look and feel of the NeXTstep GUI" and is noted as "easy to configure and easy to use." A graphical tool calle…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Windows

  • UKUI

    UKUI is a desktop environment designed and developed by the Ubuntu Kylin team. It can provide Windows-like interactive functions and bring more friendly user experiences. UKUI has entered both Ubuntu and Debian repositories to provide a new desktop …

    Open Source Free Ubuntu Kylin Linux

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  • Moksha

    Fork of Enlightenment version 17 (commonly called E17) used as the main desktop environment on Bodhi Linux Installing Moksha Requirements:------------- Dependencies for building under Bodhi: doxygen pkg-config libglib2.0-dev libssl-dev libpng12-dev …

    Open Source Free Linux