Alternatives to Dolphin Circle

  • King Arthur: Magic Sword

    Are you the king? Everyone knows story about King Arthur and the Excalibur. Now is your turn! Can you pull magic sword from the rock? Let´s try it! How to play: Find the right color and pull sword, when you find her! Do it quickly, because time is r…

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  • Vegetables Sharks

    Help sharks eat all the vegetables! Sharks are hungry and want to eat! Only vegetables can give them the necessary strength and vitamins. Therefore, you must help them eat all the vegetables, which requires your memory and perception skills! How man…

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  • Slovakia Up

    Build the highest historical building from Slovakia, inspired by a real monument and place, in beautiful minimalist graphics. Build in Slovakia Up buildings like:- City tower (Trnava)- City castle (Banská Bystrica)- Bratislava castle (Bratislava)- T…

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  • Trump Space Invaders

    You don't need this game? Wrong. You're wrong. Trump Space Invaders attack to White House!Stand your ground against the Trump space invaders in a classic arcade space shooter and save America. Face big waves of Trump minions and bosses. Including Ph…

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  • Ole Bunny

    Will be your bunny the best matador of all time? The smell of roses is beautiful and bunny knows that. But because of the roses, he is in the arena, where bullfighting is taking place. Take courage, avoid a crazy bulls and help the bunny to collect …

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