Alternatives to Counter-Strike

  • Unreal Tournament

    Unreal is a series of first-person shooter video games developed by Epic Games. The series includes: Unreal (1998);Unreal : Return To Na Pali (1999);Unreal Tournament (1999);Unreal Tournament 2003 (2002);Unreal Championship (2002);Unreal II : The Aw…

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  • Cube 2: Sauerbraten

    Cube 2: Sauerbraten is a free multiplayer/singleplayer first person shooter, built as a major redesign of the Cube FPS. Much like the original Cube, the aim of this game is not necessarily to produce the most features & eyecandy possible, but ra…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Windows Mac

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  • AssaultCube

    AssaultCube is a FREE multiplayer first-person shooter game. Taking place in realistic environments (Example: Abandoned mine shafts (not alien space ships!) ), with fast, arcade gameplay, it's addictive and fun! With efficient bandwidth usage, it's …

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  • Urban Terror

    Urban Terror started as a realism based "total conversion" mod for Quake III Arena. Nowadays, Urban Terror is played using the free, stand-alone, ioquake3 engine modified, which doesn't require Quake III Arena, in addition to being an add-on to id S…

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  • Nexuiz Classic

    Nexuiz was originally developed by Lee Vermeulen and Forest ‘LordHavoc’ Hale, who started Alientrap in the summer of 2002. The goal of the project was to create a high quality first person shooter that could be played freely across all platforms in …

    Open Source Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • Halo

    Halo is a science fiction, first-person shooter video game series, that centers on an interstellar war between humanity and a theocratic alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. At the core of the Halo franchise are a series of record-breaking vide…

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  • Alien Arena

    Alien Arena is a free and opensource first-person shooter game that combines a 1950s-era sci-fi atmosphere with gameplay similar to Quake , Doom and Unreal Tournament . Alien Arena focuses mainly on online multiplayer action, although it does contai…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Windows Mac

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  • Tremulous

    Tremulous is a free, open source game that blends a team based FPS with elements of an RTS. Players can choose from 2 unique races, aliens and humans. Players on both teams are able to build working structures in-game like an RTS. These structures p…

    Open Source Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • TrueCombat: Elite & CQB

    TrueCombat: Elite is a FREE modification for the Enemy Territory game (also free). It is a realistic modern day FPS featuring state of the art models and textures. After following the instructions to install the game, you will need this third party …

    Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • Wolfenstein

    Wolfenstein is a series of World War II video games. The series includes: Castle Wolfenstein (1981);Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984);Wolfenstein 3D (1992);Wolfenstein : Spear of Destiny(1992);Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001);Wolfenstein: Enemy Te…

    Commercial Windows

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  • AU Modern FPS

    A simple First Person Shooter game, based on Unity web player, ready to play on browser.

    Free Unity Web Player Web

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  • Day of Defeat: Source

    Day of Defeat: Source features multiplayer, team-based gameplay set in the WWII European theatre of operations. Players choose a role and tackle goal-oriented missions based on historical operations.

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  • Painkiller

    The game is inspired by such classic titles as Quake and Doom, with the emphasis on killing large numbers of monsters. The game is divided into five chapters, each about five levels long. The player's objective is to get through each level, from sta…

    Commercial Windows

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  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is an American video game series of military tactical shooters, created by Red Storm Entertainment, a game development studio founded in part by American author Tom Clancy. Ghost Recon has also been novelized by Grant Blackw…

    Commercial Windows Mac

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  • Digital Paint: Paintball 2

    Digital Paint: Paintball 2 is a Paintball game that started out as a mod for quake 2 but then took on a life of its own as an open source fps game with a global player and clan management system.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

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  • AssaultCube Reloaded

    A free-and-open-source first-person-shooter aimed at improving the classic game, AssaultCube!

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

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  • SWAT

    SWAT are a tactical first-person shooter video game designed by Sierra, then developed by Irrational Games and published by Vivendi Universal Games. In SWAT 3 and 4, the player leads a SWAT tactical element in resolving various situations, such as h…

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