Alternatives to Batch File Encryptor

  • Boxcryptor

    Boxcryptor is an easy-to-use encryption software optimized for the cloud. It allows the secure use of cloud storage services without sacrificing comfort. Boxcryptor supports all major cloud storage providers (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft…

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  • Cryptonite

    Cryptonite brings EncFS and TrueCrypt to Android. You can browse, export and open EncFS-encrypted directories and files on your Dropbox and on your phone. On rooted phones that support FUSE (e.g. CyanogenMod) you can also mount EncFS and TrueCrypt v…

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  • Encrypto

    Secure Any File with AES-256 Encryption Encrypto takes any file or folder and adds AES-256 encryption to it. With encryption, you know your file is incredibly secure and that only the right person can access it. Create a Password Hint Rather than re…

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  • LibreCrypt

    LibreCrypt (formerly DoxBox) is an open-source disk encryption for Windows and the successor of FreeOTFE Change of name to 'LibreCrypt' in version 6.2 Features: Easy to use, with a 'wizard' for creating new 'DoxBoxes'. Full transparent encryption, D…

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  • Unicode Crypter

    Unicode Crypter is a portable tool that encrypts and decrypts any Unicode character from 1 to 1114111!

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  • EDS (Encrypted Data Store)

    With EDS (Encrypted Data Store) you can store your files in the encrypted container to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.TrueCrypt container files are supported.Main features:* Supports AES, Serpent, Twofish encryption algorithms.…

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  • Zed!

    Zed! protects your personal and sensitive data in encrypted archives on e-mail, on USB sticks and in backups. ENCRYPTION With its encryption technology derived from various certified professional solutions, Zed! guarantees optimal levels of data pro…

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  • GostCrypt

    The Gostcrypt project has been launched at the end of 2013 as fork of the (late) Truecrypt project. It intends to go farther than ever. Since the late 70s, most of the algorithms used (not to say all) are UKUSA encryption systems that have been chos…

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  • Crypter

    Crypter is a utility to encode-decode, encrypt-decrypt, or digest any file with 64 bases, 35 ciphers, and 126 digester algorithms respectively.Crypter accepts any file size. However, Is advisable not use Crypter for files of considerable size.

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  • BoxWrap

    BoxWrap, für Mac und Windows. Schützen Sie Ihre Dateien vor neugierigen Geheimdiensten und Cloud-Anbietern und arbeiten Sie sicher zusammen über Cloud-Dateidienste wie Dropbox, Google Drive, Owncloud etc. - kostenlos.

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  • DriveLock File Protection

    DriveLock File Protection lets you encrypt your files with state-of-the-art encryption using AES-256. Each file is encrypted individually and makes DriveLock encrypted folders perfect for use in cloud storages. Only modified files will need to be sy…

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  • Secure Filebox

    With Secure Filebox you can securely store, organize, share files and have secure discussions (beta) behind a wall of encryption. Secure Filebox is build from ground up with security as our number one priority; utilizing many industry standard encry…

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  • SmartEncrypt

    SmartEncrypt provides the best encryption experience for today’s workplace, by enabling businesses share and collaborate encrypted files without any changes to workflow or user experience. SmartEncrypt also adds additional levels of data ownership o…

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  • DigiVault

    DigiVault is a portable, file-based encryption software for Windows DigiVault helps you create and manage encrypted file containers or repositories for storing confidential files. To encrypt, simply drag and drop files or folders in the repository. …

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