Alternatives to Alfred

  • Paste

    Paste is a new way to copy and paste for your Mac. It keeps track of everything you've ever copied and lets you access your clipboard history whenever you need it. $14.99 for macOS and 4.99 for Paste Pro on iPad

    Commercial Mac iPhone

    Paste icon
  • Lacona

    Lacona is a docker app for Mac OSX that accepts natural language commands. Call up Lacona with a keyboard shortcut and type whatever you want to do. It gives intelligent suggestions as you type and then follows your orders.

    Freemium GitHub Mac

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  • dmenu

    dmenu is a dynamic menu for X, originally designed for dwm. It manages large numbers of user-defined menu items efficiently.

    Open Source Free Linux

    dmenu icon
  • Krunner

    Krunner is a multi-function command line menu for the KDE Plasma Desktop.At times, it almost seems as you could manage all your computing from Krunner. Among other things, you can launch commands, open websites using the abbreviations defined in Sys…

    Open Source Free Linux

    Krunner icon
  • kupfer

    Kupfer is a command tool heavily inspired by Quicksilver ; you do not use it to search your files, you use it to summon an application or document quickly by typing the first parts of its name. Kupfer is written using Python and has a flexible archi…

    Open Source Free Linux

    kupfer icon
  • Spotlight

    Spotlight is the system-wide desktop search feature built into Apple's OS X operating system since version 10.4 (Tiger). Backed by an index of all items and files on the system, it's designed to allow the user to quickly locate a wide variety of ite…

    Free Mac

    Spotlight icon
  • Avant Window Navigator

    Avant Window Navigator (AWN/Awn) is a dock-like navigation bar for the linux desktop that positions itself at the bottom of the screen. It can be used to keep track of open windows and behaves like a normal window list.

    Open Source Free Linux

    Avant Window Navigator icon
  • Flashlight

    The missing plugin system for Spotlight. Flashlight is an app that supercharges OS X's built-in search. Check the weather, search the web, send an iMessage, find an emoji — all by typing in the search box. With more than 70 plugins, you can do anyth…

    Open Source Free Mac

    Flashlight icon
  • Pastebot

    Pastebot is a versatile clipboard manager for your Mac that stores what you recently copied so you can quickly retrieve them later. Create custom pasteboards for frequently used clippings. Build powerful filters that you can apply as you paste.

    Commercial Mac

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  • Quick Search Box

    Google Quick Search Box is an open source search box that allows you to search data on your computer and across the web. This app is very experimental, but through it you will be able to see many of the areas we are exploring: contextual search, act…

    Open Source Free Mac

    Quick Search Box icon
  • Steward

    a command launcher with extension management/app launcher/tab management/history search/alfred

    Open Source Free Chrome OS Chrome

    Steward icon
  • Apptivate

    A simple, beautiful hotkey manager. Launch applications, execute scripts, run automator workflows and open files or folders. All of this at the press of a key combination. Apptivate 2.0 introduces hotkey sequences, which are simply a sequence of key…

    Free Mac

    Apptivate icon
  • FSL Launcher

    Tired of dozens of icons on your desktop?Try this simple, yet powerful & intuitive launcher to organize your shortcuts. Some features: Shortcuts management for applications, documents, url links, folder paths and more...Categorical organization …

    Free Windows Explorer Windows

    FSL Launcher icon
  • Diamond

    All of your files and emails at your fingertips. Diamond launches from a keyboard shortcut and allows instant, secure access to any of a user's files and emails. View a demo at

    Commercial Mac Windows

    Diamond icon
  • Found

    Found provides a lightning-fast, intuitive search experience that finds files across your Mac and personal cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive/Docs, and Gmail (attachments). With a double tap of the control key, Found slides out to revea…

    Free Mac

    Found icon
  • Scherlokk

    Scherlokk is a lightning fast file search utility build for precise and reliable search of every file which meets the search criteria. Music, pictures, bookmarks, documents, etc can be found quickly and easily. Search can be made on any kind of buil…

    Commercial Mac

    Scherlokk icon
  • SearchLight - SpotLight on steroids

    The Spotlight Search Metadata on your Mac is a truly remarkable thing. Given some text it is able to find all occurrences anywhere on the filesystem in the blink of an eye. At that this point your options are limited however. It's not easy to see wh…

    Free Spotlight Mac

    SearchLight - SpotLight on steroids icon
  • FCorp File/Folder Launcher

    File/Folder Launcher (FFLauncher) is a simple, very easy to use application specially designed to help you launch files and folders. This utility will also offer you the possibility to launch any item on your computer by simply pressing a previously…

    Commercial Windows

    FCorp File/Folder Launcher icon
  • Mutate

    Mutate is a simple launcher inspired by Alfred for Ubuntu.Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips. Features: * Find Applications & Files* Find Files* Kill process* Google Translate integrationSelect some wor…

    Open Source Free Linux