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  • AnkiDroid

    Memorize anything with AnkiDroid!(Android companion app for Anki ) AnkiDroid lets you learn flashcards very efficiently by showing them just before you will forget. It is fully compatible with the spaced repetition software Anki (including synchroni…

    Open Source Free GitHub Android Tablet Android

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  • Folders Popup

    Folders Popup lets you move like a breeze between your frequently used folders, documents and links! Have all your favorites at your finger tip - press the middle mouse button to popup your personalized menu. You can add, reorder, remove or rename f…

    Open Source Free GitHub Windows Explorer Windows

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  • Squadcast

    Squadcast is incident management for tech teams. By intelligently routing alerts to the right folks, and being the platform of record for incident orchestration and resolution, Squadcast enables high velocity organisations to minimise downtime and d…

    Commercial Sensu Core Hangouts Prometheus Logentries Datadog Sentry Idera Loggly Papertrail New Relic Logmatic.io AWS CloudWatch Server Density Pingdom logstash Crashlytics Zabbix GitHub Slack Self-Hosted Chrome OS Android Linux Mac iPhone Windows Web

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  • Lacona

    Lacona is a docker app for Mac OSX that accepts natural language commands. Call up Lacona with a keyboard shortcut and type whatever you want to do. It gives intelligent suggestions as you type and then follows your orders.

    Freemium GitHub Mac

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  • Rando 4Me

    Anti social network. Exchange unique rando photos and moments of life with random strangers all over the world. Experimental photo exchange platform. No likes, no comments. Rando 4Me.

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted Android

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  • p5.js

    p5.js a JS client-side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing.

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted

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    DRAKON is a visual language and editor designed to be able to represent goal-based knowledge. The editor is incredibly intuitive, being powerful but still accessible even for new users, and it's available online and offline for Windows, Mac and Linu…

    Open Source Free Tcl GitHub Linux Mac Windows Web

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  • Node OS

    NodeOS is a lightweight operating system using Node.js as userspace and managed by npm. Any package in npm is a NodeOS package, which at last count was 244,180 packages. The goal of NodeOS is to provide just enough to let npm provide the rest. Since…

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted Linux

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  • Netlify CMS

    Netlify CMS is a single-page app that you pull into the /admin part of your site. It presents a clean UI for editing content stored in a Git repository. You setup a YAML config to describe the content model of your site, and typically tweak the main…

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted

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  • Postleaf

    Postleaf is an open source blogging platform with WYSIWYG inline editing, handlebar templates, and a beautiful user interface. KEY FEATURES Inline EditingNo more forms or rich-text editors. It’s the most immersive editing experience you’ll ever have…

    Open Source Free Handlebars GitHub PHP Self-Hosted

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  • telehash

    An embeddable private network stack for devices Source code : https://github.com/telehash

    Open Source Free GitHub JavaScript Linux Mac Windows

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  • Live Composer

    Live Composer is a front-end WordPress page builder plugin. Front-end means you build the page directly on the page, not in the admin panel, which allows you to see exactly how the page will look like as you build it, with live feedback on every cha…

    Open Source Free GitHub Wordpress Self-Hosted

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  • Markdown-it

    Markdown-it is a high-speed Markdown parser with 100% CommonMark support, extensions & syntax plugins. FEATURES Follows the CommonMark spec + adds syntax extensions & sugar (URL autolinking, typographer).Configurable syntax! You can add new …

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted

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  • Tuxemon

    Tuxemon is a completely free, open source turn-based monster fighting RPG. Tuxemon has been completely written from scratch and contains all original code. In the spirit of other open source clones like SuperTux and SuperTuxKart, Tuxemon aims to cre…

    Open Source Free GitHub Android Linux Mac Windows

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  • VoxelShop

    VoxelShop is an extremely intuitive and powerful, open-source and cross-platform, voxel object creator and editor. FEATURES Skeletal AnimationVoxel models can be animated using skeletal animation in the animation mode of the program. Textured VoxelI…

    Open Source Free GitHub Linux Mac Windows

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  • Chroma

    Chroma is a browser-based color picker that focuses on color selection. It was built using React Color. FEATURES - Focuses on color selection while active, but gives a full view when not- Keyboard commands- Simple, easy to use design- Provides HEX, …

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted Web

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  • Pico CMS

    Pico is a flat-file, PHP-based content management system. There is no administration backend or database to deal with. You simply create .txt files in the 'content' folder and that becomes a page.

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows

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  • B.S. Detector

    B.S. Detector is a browser extension that warns users about unreliable news sources. It basically searches all links on a given webpage for references to unreliable sources, checking against a manually compiled list of domains. It then provides visu…

    Free GitHub Microsoft Edge Safari Firefox Chrome Linux Mac Windows

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  • Breach

    Breach is a browser whose state (tabs, cookies, extensions, etc...) can be completely untangled from the machine it runs on, so that users could project that state on any machine running Breach. The idea is to let users get control of any machine ar…

    Open Source Free GitHub Node.JS Linux Mac

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  • OpenFL

    Build games and applications for almost every platform imaginable -- Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Tizen, Flash and even HTML5. Bring your creative vision to life, on desktops, tablets, phones, even consoles. Publish to …

    Open Source Free GitHub Linux Mac Windows

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