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  • Google Calendar

    With Google Calendar, its easy to keep track of all your lifes important events in one place. You can add events and send invitations effortlessly, share your schedule with friends and family, and search for events you might enjoy.

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  • Nextcloud

    You should have full control over your data. We help you achieve that: a safe home for all your data. Secure, under your control and developed in an open, transparent and trustworthy way. We are Nextcloud. Nextcloud offers industry-leading on-premis…

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  • Microsoft Office Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook, part of the Microsoft Office Suite (not to be confused with Microsoft Outlook Express), is a personal information manager that lets you manage your e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

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  • Glip

    Glip is instant messaging for teams and businesses to communicate and get work done at the same time. In Glip you work where your conversations are, so you always know what your team is doing and what needs to get done next. Video chat, manage team …

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  • eXo Platform

    eXo Platform is an all-in-one open-source digital collaboration platform that provides knowledge, document and content management, social engagement, and project collaboration tools integrated into your business’s applications. eXo Platform helps yo…

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  • Hitask

    Hitask is the project planner for getting tasks done. Assign, prioritize, and remind tasks to your team with lists. Check progress of each project on the go and see what your organization is working at. Sync agendas with any device between mobile, t…

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  • Bitrix24

    Bitrix24 is a unified communications platform (free for small businesses) with task management, social intranet, file-sharing, crm, instant messaging, videoconferencing and built-in VoIP telephony. Bitrix24 allows integration with Dropbox, Box and G…

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  • Whaller

    Whaller lets you create private social networks and bring them to life. 1. COMMUNICATE simplyCreate a sphere, invite your contacts, and start a discussion within minutes. Whaller spheres are your spaces for private conversation, each one sealed off …

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  • Taskworld

    Project management in general has a high tolerance for failure. Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year. It doesn't have to be that way, it shouldn't be that way. Imagine going to work,…

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  • Kopano

    Kopano puts an email, video meetings, calendaring, and file sharing solution within one single interface. Kopano helps you work smarter with people within and outside your organization. A single interface gives you email, contacts, advanced calendar…

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  • Zaclys ownCloud provider

    Zaclys provides easy and secure cloud online storage and synchronization based on the ownCloud free and open-source solution.

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  • Workstack

    The easiest way for teams to plan projects and schedule tasks. If you've ever felt frustrated in getting an overview of all the project tasks for your entire team then try Workstack.

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  • Calendar

    Calendar, part of Office Online , is a time-management web application by Microsoft. With Calendar, you can track appointments, share your calendar, set reminders, and let others know when youll be free - and when you're busy. With ToDo List.Calenda…

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  • Axigen

    Axigen is a premium, all-in-one email, calendaring and collaboration platform, based on an innovative, proprietary technology, providing unmatched manageability for system administrators. Integrating all modules in a robust messaging solution, Axige…

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  • SquidHub

    SquidHub is a collaboration app for people who want clarity, simplicity, a bit of fun and a great way of working together. Click here to get started! With SquidHub you get access to the following in a single screen:- Create todos for the team- Chat …

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  • Tracim

    Tracim is a collaborative software designed to allow people to share and work on various data and document types. With Tracim, you manage and share in the same place: forum-like threads, files and automatic versioning, wiki-like pages for online inf…

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  • Wiggio

    Wiggio is an online toolkit that makes it easy to work in groups. With Wiggio you can: - keep shared calendar (with text message reminders) - poll group in real-time - send mass text messages - store files in one common folder - setup group conferen…

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  • DAViCal

    DAViCal is a server for calendar sharing. It is an implementation of the CalDAV protocol which is designed for storing calendaring resources on a remote shared server. It is a repository for calendar, todo, journal and vcard entries to be accessed v…

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  • Teamup Calendar

    Unlike other calendar programs, Teamup does not require any user account. No signup, no login. Access to Teamup Calendar is as simple as opening a calendar link in your web browser. The calendar links can be shared with as many users as needed. Thes…

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  • Daylite

    Daylite is a business productivity manager designed to help you manage your business and your team. With features such as project collaboration, shared calendars, task delegation, and sales tracking.

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